Incredible Life-Like Needle Felted Bust

Needle Felted Bust of African Boy by Sonja Weeks Oswalt on Sonja Weeks Oswalt is the artist behind this brilliant sculpture, she is a very creative person who allows herself to express in many ways. If you follow her on facebook, you might often see her in costume…even belly dancing!

Sonja needle felted this piece over a core with MC-1 Espresso as the overall skin tone. This incredibly lifelike and life-sized bust
was inspired by the people of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia.


“This was a challenge I gave myself last year. I wanted to see if I could make a life-size bust. I chose this young African boy from the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, because I am fascinated with how they use inspiration from nature to decorate their bodies. This boy is no one person in particular, rather he is a hybrid of several beautiful young people whose photos I studied from that region. Balanced on his head are locust branches with locust pods, and he is decorated with florals and vines as they do in the region. They use mud and other natural colorants to paint their bodies, as this young man has done.  This bust is made from a styrofoam ball and square as a supporting structure, covered with living felt core wool and then covered with a whole plethora of living felt cross batt colors. The florals are all wet and needle felted.”

Sonja’s work can be purchased from her website: Consipracy of Love
Proceeds go to support Compassion International.

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