Penny Allen Needle Felted this Gorgeous Cow on with Living Felt MC-1 Fellting Batts

Needle Felted Jersey Dairy Cow is a Beauty!

Needle Felted Cow by Penny Allen - Jersey Dairy Cow Realistic on

Some people just take to felting right away and you would think
they have been doing it for years. Penny Allen of Alabama is one such lady.
This stunning Jersey Dairy Cow was her very first needle felted creation
made in October of last year.

This is “Annabelle”. I’m new to needle felting (just in the past 4 days).
This is my very 1st project, and I LOVE felting so much! It’s so relaxing.”

Penny was searching the Internet for pictures of Jersey Dairy Cows and
discovered Living Felt. She started pretend shopping and saving things
from our store that she would like to try…so her husband surprised her
with a big box of goodies from Living Felt…this is what she made!

2 thoughts on “Needle Felted Jersey Dairy Cow is a Beauty!

  1. Penny, Annabelle is stunningly beautiful, and if this is your first project with felting, I can’t wait to see what you’ll create next. You are truly talented. And, awesome hubby, giving you this gift from Living Felt, which is my favorite place to shop.


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