Colorful Needle Felted Butterflies

Needle Felted Butterfly by Marie Spaulding featured on

Marie has been making jumbo butterflies and moths!

This one is needle felted by transferring the design on to a felt square using the Iron On Transfer Pen. Then the wings are cut out and attached to a needle felted body. Wool used is MC-1 Felting Batts in Red Grapefruit, Orange Creme and Buttercup.

Needle Felted Elephant Hawk Moth by Marie Spaulding featured on

This is an Elephant Hawk Moth.

The wings were made from wet felted Merino Top in Fuchsia. Detail was added with Dijon, White and Lilac.

The body is core wool with Merino top needle felted on top.

Needle Felted Butterfly by Marie Spaulding featured on

This is another fantasy butterfly made like the first shown above. Colors are MC-1 Felting Batts in Midnight, Egyptian and Blue Frost with a bit of Chicory and White.

Would you like to see these as a kit, tutorial download or video? Let us know!


  1. Gorgeous! I would love to see these available as a tutorial download! The possibilities for creativity are endless! We all have stash of to make beautiful butterflies! How about adding a dragonfly?


    • Thanks so much for the feedback, damselfystudio — yes, a tutorial is in the works. Dragonfly is a good idea and we had the same idea but were thinking to use the Angelina Fiber for the wings by melting and pressing it. What are your thoughts on wings for a dragonfly?


      • Sorry I missed your reply. The idea of pressing aAngelina fibers is very interesting. Perhaps pressing the fibers over a wire armature to see if they would stick. How would you press the fibers? Between sheets of parchment paper? Could wispy strands of wool be pressed in too? Or could wings be made from a wispy, open layers of merino in longer strands to a fine mesh of felt? This could bestiffened with fabric stiffener and then the wings cut out from a pattern. Just some musings off the top of my head….


    • Hi Mary, Thank you for your feedback. Yes we do hope to make a tutorial, these are quite easy. If you need it sooner rather than later, Marie says to call the shop and she will tell you 🙂 YES, smaller ones will work also!


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