Needle Felted Famous Cartoon Characters

Needle Felted Kermit by Kimberly and Ashley at Best Day Ever Design featured on
“Someday we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me.”

“Kermit was made by the lovely Mom and Daughter team, Kimberly and Ashley at Best Day Ever Design on etsy.

A friend of mine used to sing me The Rainbow Connection in Kermit’s voice, and as a special present, he looked for a felted Kermit online and commissioned the balloon to be a rainbow. Imagine my delight & surprise when he showed up…made of our own MC-1 wool!”

~ Marie Spaulding

Needle Felted Roadrunner by Patti Bronecky featured on

Wire armature body in coyote, Femo clay legs and beak for roadrunner, Merino wool needle felted. I really love your PDF tutorials! Keep them coming.”

– Patti Bronecky, California

Needle Felted Minion by Sheryl Smith featured on

“This is the minion I felted when I was lacking inspiration to do something original! He’s about 3” tall. Because I usually do wildlife and dogs all my wool is natural colors so I borrowed the blue and yellow from my friend Michele Kelly who had bought the Living Felt studio pack of primary colors ( or the Holiday pack?) and I started with core wool so I didn’t use too much of her colors.

I also want to tell you how much the birds appreciate your lovely core wool! This spring when I noticed the wild birds collecting twigs for their nest building I put some big tufts of the core wool out for them, I attached it to the branches of my jasmine vine using clothes pins. It took a while for them to discover it but once they did it was a big hit. They took it all and I’ve since put out a few more handfuls of it for them. They pull on the fibers until they get as much as they can hold and fly off with it. Their babies will have very cozy nests!

My best to everyone at Living Felt!”

-Sheryl Smith, California

(We first shared Sheryl’s work around 2009 or 2010…that’s just fun!)

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