Stunning Felted Waterfall Picture

Stunning Felted Waterfall Picture by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on

Nothing short of stunning is this brilliant felted picture by Sonja Weeks Oswalt. She continues to amaze us with her willingness to try new things, and to felt anything her heart desires and her mind can imagine.

“I just finished this waterfall – Lower Grotto Falls in the Great Smoky Mtn national park. … I’ll be matting and forming it to enter into a competition for display in our airport, along with entering my owl sculpture. I don’t expect to win anything, but I’m happier with this painting than any other I’ve done so far. I used a variety of greens from the green merino cross pack, black merino cross, green corriedale, white merino top, bits of tussah silk in green and yellow, and a scattering of wool nepps.

Thanks for all you do!”

– Sonja Weeks Oswalt, Tennessee
etsy: ConspiracyofLove

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