Fun Needle Felted Fall Pumpkins

Needle Felted Pumpkin by Marjorie Zurn featured on

It’s so fun to see what you all do with a little guidance and your own brilliant creativity 🙂

“Meet Otis…a friendly creature and my 2nd pumpkin from your pumpkin kit..I am hooked!”

– Marjorie Zurn, North Carolina

Needle Felted Pumpkins by Arzu Unel-Cleary featured on

Arzu orders with us all the way from across the pond, and what beautiful treasures she makes…full of magic!

“Made for the “Autumn table” last Fall… a Waldorf tradition that our children and parents love to take part in to honour the magic of each changing season. Is it just a Waldorf school tradition I wonder, or does anyone else have a nook in their home that carries hand made and nature made treasures that changes throughout the year?”

Arzu Unel-Cleary, Australia

 Needle Felted Pumpkin by Debbie Jack Inman featured on

Isn’t this fabulous? What a fun treasure for a little one!

“This was my first pumpkin I made to look like the 2 yr old I made this for. I gave this to her on her 2nd birthday 2 years ago. It was my first attempt at a sculpting a face.”

– Debbie Jack Inman, New Mexico

Needle Felted Funny Face Pumpkin by Susan Huff featured on

We love this guy .. so full of character!

“Funny Face Pumpkins
Each time I start a face pumpkin it is like exploring a new world of creativity. Each one is always totally different and each one has a different character. It is so amazing how each one turns out. I used the Merino Cross batt Hot Orange, core wool for the face, mohair lock’s emerald forest and clementine. I love the locks and curls. It is all needle felted. I try to look at men’s faces to get inspiration. LOL.

Thanks for your website.”
Susan Huff, Virginia

Needle Felted Pumpkin Kit featured on

Needle Felting Fairy Tale Pumpkins Kit

Yes, that is right! You can make TWO of these fabulous fairy tale pumpkins with our kit. OR you can make more tiny ones, OR you can make one GIANT one 🙂 you get to decide!!

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