Stunning Needle Felted Cat

Needle Felted Cat by Irene Clark featured on

Yet another truly remarkable needle felted cat by Irene Clark. Her realism is just stunning!

“Here is my new polydactyl red tabby (mackerel) kitty. This is a surprise gift for the owner. The cat is facing some health challenges and my heart breaks for the family that has to go through it. The cat is made on a wire armature, all corriedale, reverse needle, glass eyes. I am terribly nervous about this cat because nobody asked me to make it.”

– Irene Clark, Wisconsin

2 thoughts on “Stunning Needle Felted Cat

  1. Irene, This is a truly beautiful cat! What a tribute to your friends and what a wonderful friend you are. I am sure they are going to love receiving this special gift and will always remember the love you put into it. Very sincerely, Kerry Kuss.


  2. I can’t think of a more loving, heartfelt gift. You have caught this cat’s personality too. Having lost a wonderful cat before her time, I would have treasured a gift like this.


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