UNITY FELT- Group Mural Project

Unity Felt Group Mural ProjectNeedle Felting with Kids Mural Project featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Hi All! Marie here 🙂

I had an incredible day this week visiting with Michelle Stoeffler and her approx. 180 students at Deer Park Middle School.

A Unity Felt Group Mural project was begun, I hope that in the not too distant future we can see how the students finish it.

We have made for them large segments to needle felt onto — around the theme of Peace, Unity, Love and Friendship. Once the students are all done, they will have murals that come together like a puzzle, and can even have parts interchangeable with other classes. In all, there were 6 classes … so there will be 6 murals each with 10 segments.

These kids were brilliant, of course! I loved seeing all of their eclectic art in the room — and being in such a creative space 🙂 What a gift it was for me to spend the day with them!

I took a TON of pictures, but they will not all fit into a collage. If you would like to see more Living Felt facebook page.

The next week we received this from the teacher …

“Check it out Marie Spaulding #livingfelt !
Our students were begging to needle felt again today!
Thank you for introducing almost 200 youngsters to this medium!
We broke 17 needles today but the kids were still using the broken ones
because they loved so much.”

– Michelle Stoeffler, Artist & Art Teacher
@ Deer Park Middle School
Austin, Texas

*If you, your group or your school is interested in doing your own
Unity Felt Group Mural, please contact us:
Marie at livingfelt.com.
Toll free: 877-665-5790
or visit our website here:  Unity Felt Group Mural Project

2 thoughts on “UNITY FELT- Group Mural Project

    • Hi Kelly May, the kids are needle felting into 100% Wool Felt that we cut into the segments (shape). We also provided matching cardboard shapes that they will mount their felted works of art onto. Let us know if you have any more questions 🙂


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