Join Us for Peace Felt 2017!

Peace Felt 2017 featured on

Peace Felt 2017 is Happening!

Each year, the United Nations opens its regular meeting of the General Assembly by declaring the International Day of Peace. The UN encourages people to participate in practical acts of peace to put the meaning into action.

Living Felt encourages its followers to participate in Peace Felt in order to send a message of peace. We hope that by sharing these creations, we’ll show that the collective desire for a peaceful existence really makes a difference in the way people move through the world. In this way, participants are publicly displaying their willingness to actively participate in loving kindness and good will to all.

We are pleased to announce there WILL BE a Peace Felt 2017! Here are some important dates … please make note of them:

Registration Official Open Date: June 15th
Registration closes: August 15th
Partner Matches Announced: August 31st
Mail Peace Felt Art to Partner by: September 15th

Please start thinking of a Peace Felt that is from your heart and hands, and can be mailed anywhere in the world!

Please visit for complete information.

*make sure to read dates and how to register

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