Fabulous Felted Christmas Stockings

Felted Christmas Stockings by Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We love Kathleen’s fabulous Christmas stockings and are grateful for her generous explanation of HOW she made them!

“Here is my “Hoppy Holiday” stocking, back and front, made with MC-1 batts. The “Moon Rabbits”, “Tsuki no Usagi” of Japanese lore, and fir trees were created by needle-felting after, and the sequins and tiny seed beads were then sewn on. I used yellow wool nepps as though they were beads: I first strung them on a thread, then sewed them around the perimeter of the red. Nepps and glass beads decorate the white “cuff” of the stocking and the green Christmas trees.

How I started this project: I created my own pattern for the stocking from brown kraft paper by sketching the stocking shape. Then using this pattern, I cut a resist of floor underlayment. To prepare for future projects, I cut a small, medium, and large resist at the same time. This stocking was made from the small resist, and it’s about 14″ tall.”

Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven, Washington

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