Felted Heart with Michigan Scene

Felt Heart Picture by Linda Brodersen featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We love how Linda took a design concept and made it entirely new by changing the scenery inside.

“Keeping with the heart theme, I decided to keep going. Marie’s beachscape got me thinking I’d like to do the other 2 seasons Michigan has
(it’s a Michigan joke) sometimes we only have two, summer and winter. Winter, some summer, some fall and more winter. Spring gets shorter every year. I’m still picking at this but done for now.

All Living Felt…merino short fiber base, misc merino top, hankies, tussah silk, viscose, sari silk waste and some mc-1 batting. I think that’s it. Nope just remembered one more thing…I just felted this lightly by hand, then used artfelt paper and let it do the work in the dryer which it did beautifully.”

– Linda Brodersen, Michigan

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