Breathtaking Felted Landscape

Wet Felted Landscape by Laura Ricks featured on

Laura Wins a Felting Goody Box!!!

This stunning landscape is 16″ x 20″ and just breathtaking to behold!

“My latest wet felted art piece. I’m new to the group but have been felting and using Living Felt products for a few years now.”

– Laura Ricks, Indiana

Laura shared a little insight as group members asked questions about her materials of choice and her technique:

“I mostly just blend with my fingers. When I’m adding branches, leaves, grasses etc., I rarely am adding one color at a time. I usually have strands of two or three colors that I’ve blended with my fingers before putting down. I rip and tear the wool some too and get it fluffy and moving in different directions before placing it down.

…it is wet felted. I tack things down with a needle as I lay everything out and then wet felt. Then I needle felt a few details (like the birds and straight lines in the water) into place after the wet felting is done.”

In her works, Laura uses a variety of fibers, our fine 19 micron prefelt, about which she says, “I usually just use white and then add a thin layer of roving for background color…I love, love, love it and don’t know what I’d do without it!”

She also uses MC-1 Batting, Merino Top, Merino Silk Blends and luster fibers such as Tussah Silk, Sari Silk Waste, Nepps, and more.

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