More Needle Felted Beach and Summer Fun!

Needle Felted Beach Bungalows by Ronda Ewald featured on

We love this picture of needle felted beach bungalows and sandpipers, by Ronda Ewald of Virginia.

Colors in MC-1: Caspian, Pomegranate, Key Lime, Berry, Lemon Peel, Mandarine, Clay

Felted Scarf by Christy Silas Long featured on

Christy Silas Long felted this wonderful scarf following our Cobweb Kit with Ocean Merino-Silk blend!

You just can’t go wrong with our Merino Silk blends for color and depth. We have a kit for this scarf in a cobweb style (thin 100% wool) or nuno felting (felt over silk fabric).

Needle Felted Nautilus by Teresa Brooks featured on

An Elegantly Felted Nautilus by Teresa Brooks

This gorgeous work of art is felted with Living Felt Core Wool, Merino, New Zealand Corriedale and some Angora fibers.

 Needle Felted Mermaid Painting by Anne Zimmerman featured on

This lovely and serene felted painting of a mermaid was created by Anne Zimmerman of New York.

She used Living Felt MC-1 Batts in: Indigo, Lemon Peel, Egyptian Blue, Latte and MC-2 Fairy Tale Pumpkin.

Needle Felted Beach Fun

Needle Felted Starfish by Susan Nolte featured on

This beautifully textured starfish was needle felted by Susan Nolte of Portland, Oregon, for her little grand-niece!

Susan used Living Felt CW-1™ Core Wool and  New Zealand Corriedale in Tangerine, Red and White.

“I added the white bumps by twirling wool around a 36 or 38 needle before shaping into a little bump… I did the same with the orange wool.”

Needle Felted Ocean Scene by Caroline Lee featured on

“This piece started as an ocean scene in a cockle shell that I found on a North Carolina beach last week. It did not start out as a religious piece but during our long drive back to Ontario Canada I was thinking a lot about the mystery of creation and, as I was working the piece it took on a life of its own to become ‘In His hand’.

I really enjoy when felting that I never quite know how things will turn out! I used Living Felt’s Studio pack of batts for the hand, the whale and the rock and some Merino fibres and locks for the ocean and beach.

The hand is needle felted on a glitter pipe-cleaner structure. Attaching it to the shell with hot glue and small pieces of batting was a bit of a challenge! I love this craft and working with quality wool and needles from your company is a joy:)

Thank you for your great newsletters and encouraging messages.”

Caroline Lee, Canada

Needle Felted Mermaid Doll by Christine Benjamin featured on

Christine Benjamin has such a wonderfully unique style to her needle felted dolls. This mermaid is a great example! Her rich detailing and use of mixed media is brilliant.

Match the blue face with MC-1 Carnival and green Hair with NZ Corriedale Lime, detailing with Blue Grass.

Needle Felted Soaps by Eileen Crumley featured on

These felted soaps remind us of Sea Glass. Felted by Eileen Crumley of Texas.

Match Colors in MC-1: Dark Chocolate, Caspian, True Olive, Meadow

needle felted octopus is incrediible!

Check Out This Incredible Felted Octopus!

needle felted octopus by Sharon May

Sharon May does it again…you might remember her amazing felted cheshire cat that we shared recently, and now THIS!
He is approximately 18″ W x 7″ tall and weighs under 1lb. Needle felted over a wire armature and fully poseable.

“I love all things octopus so I thought it was about time I made a wooley one.
Here’s my effort made with Caramel and Linen MC1 wool.
He’s a candleholder but it looks kinda cute holding small plants too.”

– Sharon May, Illinois

Felted Landscape by Linday Mackey on

Felted Beach Scene is So Enticing!

Felted Landscape by Linday Mackey on

Linda Mackey says that beach and coastal elements are a common theme in her work.
This is a lovely wet felted work of art!

“This 16 X 16 felt, textile painting captures the wonderful evening light that occurs when the night sky and its moon is beginning to show itself.  I love taking walks after dinner on Naples pier in the early evening.

It was made with my hand-dyed shibori silks and cottons, merino wool,  natural fibers and a wet felting process.”

– Linda Mackey Plymouth, MA

etsy shop:  ShiboriFeltandStitch

Needle Felted King Neptune Wall Hanging for Baby’s Nursery

Needle Felted King Neptune Wall Hanging by Anne Franklin featured on

Anne Franklin sent us a photo of her King Neptune wall hanging she created for a lucky baby’s nursery.  You’d never know that she has only been needle felting for a few months! This lovely composition is smooth where you would expect it while the swirls and whisps give it movement and life.

“This is my King Neptune for a nautical themed baby nursery. I used Living Felt Pre-Felt Wool Batt for base with blue azul MC-1 Batt, indigo MC-1 Battbright white MC-2 Batt, mango MC-1 Batt, and Border Leicester Locks, as well as a few other fibers. I have been needle felting since October and love the creative possibilities; and LF supplies are superb as well as the customer service!”

— Anne Franklin, North Carolina