“Lost Ball” – Needle Felted Golfer Dolls

Jackie Bartolini Needle Felted Golfers on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Jackie Bartolini

“Lost Ball” by Jackie Bartolini
Jackie and her husband love to golf, as we learned in a recent
chat on the phone when she called the shop. This wonderful
needle felted pair of golfers hunting for their ball brings an instant smile…


Jackie’s submission was selected in our weekly drawing…she wins a $25 Gift Certificate

*Remember, every photo posted on facebook or emailed to us is entered into our
Drawing for Living Felt Gift Certificates and Prizes!

Needle Felted Landscape by Kathryn Merrithew Featured on www.LivingFelt.com/blog

Kathryn Merrithew Wins a $25 Gift Certificate from Living Felt for submitting her felt painting called The Cozy Cabin.

This beautiful and rich felted picture was needle felted onto a pre-felt of a thickness designed for wall hangings. Kathryn shares that this piece is an impressive 3′ x 4′ and took her three days to complete, working on it most of the time during those days.

We love the dimension and the detail — a great work of felted art!

felted wool scarf wins free felting supplies

Felted Scarf Wins a Felting Supplies Goody Box!

felted wool scarf wins free felting supplies

Kathleen McCartin of Minnesota Wins
a Felting Goody Box from LivingFelt.com!

Kathleen sent us a number of pictures of her felted jewelry, and a vessel,
this lovely felted scarf was selected in our drawing.
We love the rich colors and the texture created by pleating with the felted balls!

Thanks to everyone for making it so fun & friendly by sharing your pics, love & feedback!!

Elegant felted flower necklace

wet felted vessel

Gorgeous wet felted vessel.

  The designs on the vessel were created with wool yarn, silk hankies and  pieces of scrap china silk.  The dramatic red and beige, brown and cream are yarn, the other marbled reds are silk hankies and the mottled beige gold is scrap silk.  The fibers used for the base were a combination of romney wool and colonial top.

Needle Felted Bunny Painting Easter Eggs

Busy Little Needle Felted Easter Bunnies

Needle Felted Bunny Painting Easter Eggs

Deb Sponagle-Taylor Wins a $25 Gift Certificate!

Deb sent in several fabulous needle felted bunny pictures, this one is Vincent VanHare.
Very clever to have the Easter Bunny painting a picture of Easter Eggs!

needle felted Easter bunny with baby bunnies

“Happy Easter”, Needle Felted Easter Bunny in a Rocking Chair

Needle felted Easter bunny pushing baby in stroller

“Just a Walk in the Park”, Needle Felted Easter bunny pushing baby bunny in a stroller :O)

Needle Felted Granny Doll knitting in Rocking Chair with kitten

And just to mix things up, Deb included this new piece, and needle felted grandma doll knitting and smiling at kitten.

Deb has a blog! :O) You can visit her:


Needle Felted Mr & Mrs Bunny Rabbit

Mr & Mrs Bunny — Needle Felted

Needle Felted Mr & Mrs Bunny Rabbit

Needle Felted Mr & Mrs Bunny Rabbit

Jane Lendway of Vermont a Wins a Felting Goody Box from LivingFelt.com!

Jane sent us her darling pictures of Mr & Mrs Bunny. Aren’t they a pair?! She says baby bunny is on the way this year!

Living Felt’s generosity, creativity and positive attitude makes shopping for felt and needles a joy.
fun to make the animals and then clothe them in rich, vibrant colors.

Thank you and Happy Easter!” – Jane Lendway, Vermont

We are touched, Jane, and humbled. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with all of us.

Thanks to everyone for making it so fun & friendly by sharing your pics, love & feedback!!

Needle Felted Horse Pony by Kenya Finley

Needle Felted Art Pony Wins a Prize!

Needle Felted Art Horse Pony by Kenya Finley

Kenya wins a Gift Certificate to Living Felt for Free Felting Supplies 🙂

Kenya Finley of Flomop Studios shared her precious needle felted pony with us on facebook.
Entitled “Storm”, this little needle felted horse sculpture has a sweet little winter scene felted on his body.

His primary color is from Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts in “Winter Gray“.

You can see more from Kenya on her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/flomopstudio