Artful and Adventurous Needle Felted Bunny

Needle Felted Bunny by Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven featured on

This wonderful piece entitled “Rebirth” by Kathleen Dodge DeHaven is artful, adventurous, inviting of contemplation, and somehow…soothing.

Needle Felted Bunny by Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven featured on

“I’ve chosen MC-1 Merino-Cross Fast Felting Batts and NZ Corriedale Wool Roving for most of my projects. I’m also very fond of the Core Wool, and it forms the base of many of my projects. And though I still felt mostly by hand with one or two needles, I often use the AddiQuick to smooth spots and to tack down difficult fibers, such as locks.

Needle Felted Bunny by Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven featured on

This year, I’m working on more scenic projects, adding mountains, trees, flowers, and sky to animals and everyday objects. Here is the first such project, “Rebirth”, a rabbit with the scenery of the Pacific Northwest. I wanted you to see what I’ve accomplished with excellent fibers, and easy to use and effective tools:

CW-1 Core Wool, MC-1 Merino Cross Batts: Blues Studio Pack, Bamboo Spruce, Honeysuckle, Premium Mohair Locks: Emerald Forest, White, Teeswater Locks in Sunshine

NZ Corriedale Wool: Amazon Rainforest, Lima, Natural White

Needle Felting Tools: Felting Needle 38 Spiral, AddiQuick Fast Tool, METAL Felting Needle Tool with 10 Needles, Finger Friends Finger And Thumb Protector Set

Many thanks for all your support to the felting community.”

Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven, Washington

Needle Felting Realistic Animals Workshop

Needle Felted Animals Workshop with Megan Nedds of The Woolen Wagon featured on

We really enjoyed hosting Megan Nedds of The Woolen Wagon and all the fabulous participants (including Megan’s Dad, Jody!)

The class was needle felting realistic animals, and Megan took us through each step one at a time, allowing everyone to make the animal of their choice. Critters included dogs, wolves, caribou, bunny, genet, meerkat, fox, kangaroo, a bear and mountain lion. Most everyone left with more work to do because spending time on the details was so much fun.

It was a fun and inspiring weekend!

We formed shapes from wire armature, covered them in Core Wool, added MC-1 Batting, NZ Corriedale, and other natural fibers for coats, horse hair whiskers and added Glass Eyes to finish them off!

See lots more pictures on our Facebook page here!

Artful Felted Sculpture

Felt Sculpture by Betsy Ratzsch featured on

What an artful and unique sculpture Betsy has created in this monochromatic palette. The doll is 14″ tall. The base is core wool wrapped around 3 pipe cleaners, and the design is MC-1 Felting Batts.

“The colors are just very restful, like watching a carp swim slowly around in water. The tail actually replaces her arm but i can’t tell you anything about that! Just an intuitive thing. My clay figures were taller than the felted pieces I saw being made so I had to figure out a way to make them tall but not fat. Working horizontally did the trick. The inspiration for the carp is just that I like them. They are so graceful and amazingly hardy. Their whiskers are cool too.”

– Betsy Ratzsch, Michigan

"Mossy Haven" by Tracey McCracken Palmer of Bonnieblink Studio, felt picture with fiber from

Mossy Haven – Felt “Painting”

Bonnieblink Studio"Mossy Haven" by Tracey McCracken Palmer of Bonnieblink Studio, felt picture with fiber from“Mossy Haven”

Tracey McCracken Palmer is a true inspiration.
Her felted art work is exquisite, realistic and rich.
Her work can be seen at the Twigs and Leaves Gallery
in Waynesville, NC and at the Southern Highland Craft Guild
in Biltmore Village at Asheville, NC.
“For “Mossy Haven” I used a photo I took a few years ago
of a wonderful mossy bank, where the huge rounded clumps of moss growing
on the stones coming down from the tree just thrilled me when I saw it.
I knew it would be a felting one day! I changed it just a bit,
making the tree larger and digging the fox a cozy spot for a nap
below the tree roots. I also added the trail up to her mossy haven.
I wet felted the basic scene, leaving much of the mistiness
in the background untouched, then needle felted the details
in the trees, moss & fox”

Tracey always knows the colors she has used!:)

MC-1 batts – Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Brown, Birch,
Driftwood, Oatmeal, Willow, Dark Chocolate, True Olive,
Lemon Grass, Bright White
Corriedale – Olive, Kiwi, Lima, Butterscotch, Toffee,
Natural White, Black, Cocoa, Natural Light, Nat. Medium, Nat. Dark

Merino top – Black, Bitter Chocolate, Lima Bean, Smoke
(Some of these are carded together for other colors too)
You can follow Tracey on fb @ Bonnieblink Studio

Needle Felted Barnyard Friends

Felted Barnyard Friends by Erin Carlson of Fiber Art by Erin made with CW-1 Core Wool and MC-1 Felting Batts featured on

Erin Carlson of Fiber Art by Erin kicks off fall the season for us with her lively felted barnyard friends! Erin says that these cuties were made with Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool and MC-1 Felting Batts.

You might recognize some of these colors…and we LOVE what Erin makes with them! Erin takes custom orders and she sells her work at shows in Pennsylvania.

Realistic Needle Felted Heron Sculpture

Needle Felted Heron by Sue Stasiowski featured on

Doll and Sculpture week always brings to mind some truly great talents in our felting friends. Sue Stasiowski is another who so wonderfully captures real life in her needle felted sculptures.

Sue says:

“All my pieces are made with your batts, in fact, except for some local alpaca roving and occasionally silk and cashmere fiber, your batts are all I ever use. The quality is always excellent and I appreciate the great service.”

Sue does commission work and currently exhibits at Markings Gallery in Bath, Maine. You can see more of Sue’s work on her web site, Fiber Arts by Sue Stasiowski.

Needle Felted Rooster Sculpture

Needle Felted Rooster by Jennifer Field of Jennifer Field Studios featured on

Jennifer Field of Jennifer Field Studios first captured our attention a few years ago with her stunning and artistic needle felted roosters, like the one above. She forges copper, creates hand blown glass, and now felts her creative expression into tangible works of art; Jennifer uses Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts a great deal in her birds and sculptures. Jennifer sells her work from her studio at Sanctuary Arts in Maine and at shows throughout the year.

Stay tuned for a workshop date with her at LF in Summer of 2016. The last one filled up right away…and what fun we had!!