2 Woodland-Style Felted Pieces

Needle Felted Bear Hoop Art by Adrienne Assinewai-McGee featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

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“I am sooo excited as someone must know how much I LOVE creating foxes because one of the colours is my absolute fave…Pumpkin Spice!!! I am going to have so much fun with all of my new goodies and of course my designated 8 hours of creative time. Thank you so much Living Felt team.

Also…here’s a new fox! Titled “Mnidoo-waagosh” or… “spirit fox”. He’s mounted on a 8 inch flexi hoop and you’ll see that lovely Pumpkin Spice on his tail. I was inspired by Rachel’s lovely sunset raven for the sky in this piece and wanted to try making my own sunset. The trees in my fox are White Pine and they tend to grow all whispy here in these parts. The arrow in the water portion also signifies that what we do on this land also affects the life in the water.

Thank you so much everyone for all of your support and love on my last piece, making these has felt like coming home to me.”

Needle Felted Woodland-Style Art by Adrienne Assinewai-McGee featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog


This is truly an inspired piece, well executed and a great composition.

“Hi everyone! So I finally finished my second Woodland Style piece last night and it’s a big one at 10 inches across. I’ve titled it “Maang (loon) Chases Supper.” There are soooo many Living Felt colours in this one! A couple come from little sample bags I’ve had sent with orders…those are the greatest thing, they’ve got me using colours outside of my comfort zone which is always fun and adding certain colours on my next To Order list! :)”

– Adrienne Assinewai-McGee, Canada
fb: Raven Star Studio

Stunning Needle Felted Cat

Needle Felted Cat by Irene Clark featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Yet another truly remarkable needle felted cat by Irene Clark. Her realism is just stunning!

“Here is my new polydactyl red tabby (mackerel) kitty. This is a surprise gift for the owner. The cat is facing some health challenges and my heart breaks for the family that has to go through it. The cat is made on a wire armature, all corriedale, reverse needle, glass eyes. I am terribly nervous about this cat because nobody asked me to make it.”

– Irene Clark, Wisconsin

Wool for Cozy Birds’ Nests

Wool for Birds' Nests featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Last week we began sharing felted birds and things with wings… but it’s also a great time to start putting out some fiber for the real birds! There are lots of ways to do this, like these little wire cages. These also make great gifts!

Keep the yarns under 6″ long and make sure to include some plain white fluff. Other fibers like twigs and straw are great additions!

We would love to see yours! For more inspiration, you can also see our birds’ nest from last year using fishing net.

Wool for Birds' Nests featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Fabulous Needle Felted Fox

Needle Felted Fox by Shelly Schwartz featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What a fabulous little fox!

“I needle felted this fox using wool I purchased from LivingFelt. He is listed for sale on Etsy. I felted him over a wire … using bright white and black onyx Merino-cross fast and toffee Corriedale. I love the wool that you have available and look forward to making many more critters with your products. I have other needles, but mostly I use 38 star and 40 triangle needles. Thank you for always inspiring me with your weekly emails.”

– Shelly Schwartz, Michigan
etsy: rainabedaina

Realistic Needle Felted Sheep

Needle Felted Sheep by Jeanette Justus featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

A wonderfully realistic felted sheep!

“I needle felted this Sheep for a woman in Colorado and put the family brand on it. I almost exclusively used Living Felt’s core wool, with areas of their bright white wool. For realism, I used the core wool because I didn’t think a Sheep would be bright white. For the curly parts, I soaked the wool in water, and twisted it.

I thought there was something neat about a Sheep made of wool.”

– Jeanette Justus, Wyoming

Sweet Felted Dragon-flies

Felted Dragonflies by Kiersten Violette featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What an original and darling idea! Kiersten has a very sweet style and uses a lot of MC-1 Batts in her Friendly Feltees creations.

“This is my latest of little creatures I make called “Dragon-flies”. I’ve been dieing to do a purple one. He turned out about how I was hoping.”

Kiersten Violette, North Carolina
facebook: Friendly Feltees

Precious Felted Fawn

Felted Fawn by Bonnie Gerkensmeyer featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

With no formal introduction, heart melting images of this precious little fawn appeared on our fb page. Some of the items Bonnie has gathered from our shop include: CW-1 Core Wool, Armature 12g and 14g, NZ Corriedale in Camel, MC-1 Batts in a variety of shades onyx, dark chocolate clay, caramel, latte, cafe au lait, cinnamon and more.

Artist: – Bonnie Gerkensmeyer, Ohio