Needle Felted Blue Heron Felt Painting

Needle Felted Blue Heron Painting by Sandi Atkins featured on

This is an incredible piece! The detail and artful presentation is so very captivating.

“I needed a 2′ by 3′ wall hanging and decided to do a great blue heron, since we live along the marsh in South Carolina. Because it is so large, I didn’t wet felt the background but needle felted the entire piece on prefelt. I used many colors of merino top and loved your silk blend that allowed me to make the ‘feathers’ along the neck and wing.”

– Sandi Atkins, South Carolina

Realistic Needle Felted Giraffe

Needle Felted Giraffe by Lauren Beach featured on
“This is the second giraffe I’ve felted. I love how odd and alien each of their features seem as I’m working, but when I stand back, it all comes together.

I used almost entirely your fast-felting batts and a yellow [42 Triangle] and green needle[40- Triangle] from your shop. I love how easily the fast felting batts work to bring things together—I’m trying to use up all my other wool so I can just use the fast felting batts from here on out!”

– Lauren Beach, Florida
etsy: sewnbythebeach

Needle Felted Elephant for a Good Cause

Needle Felted Elephant by Aimee Price featured on

What a beautiful outcome for a loving cause!

“I wanted to send this along to you as I so enjoy getting your emails. I felted this elephant to be the centerpiece for our school fundraiser last night. I started work on this elephant as I needed and wanted to focus on what is happening to the worlds elephants due to the ivory trade.

I was hopeful that in this meditative work I could come up with a way to help their cause. So far, the issue still seems bigger than me but I will continue to give as I can and will conjure up their beautiful spirits in anyway that will build more awareness. In the meantime I hope that you enjoy this creation of mine.

Thank you for keeping me inspired through your emails. I am always so delighted to see what other creative fingers are doing!”

With much care,
Aimee Price, California

Realistic Felted Farm Animals

Needle Felted Owl by Sonja Weeks-Oswalt featured on

This is a brilliant little sculpture, made with such care for detail.

“I’ve been working on this life sized Eastern Screech owl red morph and his perch branch for several weeks. Each feather was needle felted individually and attached. I used the corriedale safari pack.”

– Sonja Weeks-Oswalt, Tennessee
Conspiracy of Love

Needle Felted Pig by Erin Carlson featured on

Erin Carlson shared this realistic little guy for farm week … wow! His colors are MC-1 Flesh Tone, Caramel and Willow.

Erin Carlson, Pennsylvania
Fiber Art by Erin

Felted Rooster by Suzanne Towry featured on

What a gorgeous work of art!

“‘Hot Summer Rooster’ made with Living Felt’s vibrant MC-1 and NZ Corriedale wool roving. :)”

– Suzanne Towry, North Carolina

Needle Felted Alligator Inspired by a Video Game

Needle Felted Alligator by Laura Davenport featured on

What a fabulous felt rendition of this digital character!

“My daughter is graduating from medical school this weekend. She has wanted me to make her this alligator since her first year there. She loved this N64 game as a kid, and always thought the alligator was adorable. I finally worked up the nerve to start, I am very pleased with the results!

Alligator character from N-64 video game

The alligator from the N64 video game

I used core wool for the interior, MC-1 batt for the backpack, and NZ Corriedale for the top colors, Living Felt needles and lots of sweat and anxiety!

Giving her this alligator as a gift seems a bit silly in light of her accomplishment, but I know he will be loved, and she will always have a little piece of me with her no matter where her path leads.”

Thank you!!
Laura Davenport, Illinois

Stunning Needle Felted Pet Portraits

Needle Felted Dog Wool Painting by Dani Ives featured on

Dani Ives is a talented artist who gives time to her craft every day, and what she creates with our MC-1 Batts is beyond stunning! She sells custom pet portraits, her original art and prints on Etsy, plus she teaches classes and inspires thousands daily through her Instagram posts.

Needle Felted Dog Wool Painting by Dani Ives featured on

“I use Living Felt’s wool batts almost exclusively in my wool paintings. The batts felt so easily, and the high quality allows me to blend colors and control the fibers to create small details that make a huge impact in my fiber art.”

Dani Ives
etsy: goodnaturedart

Needle Felted Cow by Dani Ives featured on

Needle Felted Chicken by Dani Ives featured on

Detailed Needle Felted Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits by Jeanette Justus featured on

Jeanette sculpts stunning mini replicas of our beloved four-legged friends. Her poses add such realism to her detailed work!

“My name is Jeanette Justus and I make needle-felted “Personal Pets” for people. I saw a picture of a needle-felted animal on the internet about two years ago, and fell in love with the craft. I love the Living Felt wool and supplies.

Dog Portraits by Jeanette Justus featured on

I use MC-1 Merino-Cross Fast Felting Batts for most of my animals, and for the long-haired animals I use NZ Corriedale Wool Roving. I also use Living Felt’s core wool for their bodies.”

– Jeanette Justus, Wyoming