Breathtaking Nativity Installation Felt Painting

Needle Felted Installation Nativity Felt Painting Gargoyle by Susi Havens-Bezaire featured on

A Truly Breathtaking Work of Art. We are so inspired by this large installation felt painting. How amazing would it be to see this in person?

“I am a landscape painter who discovered needle felting 3 years ago. I’ve been making large banners for my church and would like to submit one I just finished this month. Needle felting, in many ways, is similar to using oil paints because I can add dimension by adding layers of color to the work.

“Epiphany” is a multimedia work, using primarily Merino wool and crystals on commercially produced felt. The size is 9 feet by 4 feet.”

– Susi Havens-Bezaire, Ohio

Free & FUN Felting Tutorials

Needle Felted Winter SquirrelNeedle Felt an Owl OrnamentFelting With a PointWe held a little contest encouraging our felting friends to submit a tutorial of their own design in the theme of Hand Made Holiday. It is no small endeavor! Three beautiful and creative women took the challenge — and now all of our felting friends can try their hand at these fun projects…for free!

WET FELTING AN ELF HAT – Free Felting Tutorial
by Sonja Oswalt of Conspiracy of Love Art
download tutorial: Wet Felt Silly Elf Hat


by Judi Francis of Felting With a Point
download tutorial: Needle Felt an Owl Ornament



by Angela Goetz of Black Sheep Everything
download tutorial: Needle Felted Winter Squirrel


Our Special Thanks to Sonja, Judi and Angela for their submissions and gifts to our community of creative friends! For their participation, ALL THREE WIN! They will receive bountiful goody boxes of Felting Treats and an oh so stylish Living Felt T-Shirt of their choice!


Lovely Felted Angelic Tree Topper by Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven

Felted Angel Tree Topper by Kathleen-Dodge-Dehaven on

Kathleen always puts thought and energy into the
tiny details of her work; her care radiates in the grace of
this lovely piece. Visit the blog for more pics (including back)

“Angela” is 14” tall, and is made of wool from our local area
along with wool from Living Felt. Notice her beautiful hair!
That’s Sun Dyed Premium Mohair Locks in Sun Blossom.
And I love the Merino-Cross Fast Felting Batts for achieving
a smooth (and effortless) effect on the wings and the front of the skirt. For the larger areas,
I started with the Clover felting tools; the skirt was then wet felted with the assistance
of LF’s mesh netting and olive oil soap (nice on the hands!).

Felted Angel Tree Topper by Kathleen-Dodge-Dehaven on

“Angela” is made over a wire armature, and is finished with hand beading, a vintage rosary,
and a vintage button at the back waist of the skirt. To keep her upright on the treetop,
I made a cone from a flexible cutting board, and covered it with recycled wool felt
in purple to match her overskirt. Notice the crinoline peeking out from under her skirt!

… I love looking at all the work of fellow felters.”

– Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven Coupville, WA

Felted Angel Tree Topper by Kathleen-Dodge-Dehaven on


Enchanting Needle Felted Winter Scene

Julie King Felted Reindeer on

Julie King of Montana needle felted this delightful and enchanting winter scene.
The characters interact wonderfully with each other in a variety of ways 🙂

“The Sami people are nomadic reindeer herders in Finland and Lapland.
The little girl has a traditional costume and hat and even reindeer boots with the curled toes.
She can also ride the reindeer.”

Julie-King-WinterScene1 Julie-King-WinterScene2 Julie-King-WinterScene3

“Arctic fox had to join them for a frolic in the moon lit woods :)” 


Needle Felted Nordic Santa by Marie Spaulidng, on

Needle Felted Nordic Santa

Needle Felted Nordic Santa by Marie Spaulding on

We needle felted a basic cone shape for body and hat out of core wool and covered them
with MC-1 True Red. Needle felt a small ball for the head, cover in Flesh Tone and needle felt
to the body. Wrap pipe cleaners in Flesh tone, attach to body and wrap with red.
Add facial details, beard and decorate his coat!

We used: CW-1 Core Wool, MC-1 True Red, Cotton White, Fleshtone

Needle Felted Nordic Santa by Marie Spaulding on

Needle Felted Nordic Santa by Marie Spaulding on

Needle Felted Nordic Santa by Marie Spaulding on