Brilliant Needle Felted European Hare

Needle Felted Hare by Julie Christensen King with MC-1 Felting Batts on Needle Felted Hare  Rabbit by Julie Christensen King  on

Julie Christensen King is an avid needle felter, and gave herself a challenge to needle felt a realistic life-sized hare.

She did a brilliant job! Needle Felted with Living Felt MC-1 felting batts in our earth tones. (Cinnamon brown, Dark Brown, Espresso Bean, etc.)

Felting an Easter Basket | Project Idea & Tutorial

Felting a special Easter Basket is so much fun and really quite easy to do!

We used an Earth Harmony NeedleFelting Hat Form in size small, MC-1Merino Cross Batts, one quilting fabric quarter, sheer ribbon
in two widths, Mod Podge, emboidery thread, a sewing machine and a multi-needle felting tool.

If you have never used a hat form to needle felt a hat or vessel, you can ge ta kit of your custom color choices and complete instructions here: Needle Felting a Hat Kit

If you have needle felted a purse over a foam pad you have the basic idea, you can also see our primer video for needle felting a purse

Needle felt over your form in the colors desired. We made the inside white
because we will line our basket with fabric. Once needle felted, firmly wet felt
the basket to a smooth finish, cover your foam with stretch wrap or a plastic bag, and place the felted basket back on your foam to shape it.
You can leave it on the foam to dry mostly, and remove it for the final drying time – at least overnight.

For a really smooth finish, you can steam iron it while on your foam to block it.

Once your piece is dry, we can needle felt the final design.
Here is the basic shape for our bunny. Print it out if desired.
We used a simple tear drop body shape to get started.

Put your basket back on the foam. Place a patch of wool on your basket
and lay the body shape on top. Use your felting needle to trace an indent around the body shape.

Remove the template and continue to needle felt by felting all of the fibers from outside the line into the body area.
Add the head, feet and tail in the same manner, or just free hand the design.

Tie a wide ribbon and a thin ribbon in knots at both ends.
Mod podge them together with a paint brush.

Create a pattern for your basket liner by tracing around your hat form.
Leave 1/4″ to 1/2″ margin for the circular base.

Since the interior of your basket may be larger than the circumference of your foam,
give yourself a few extra inches to work with. Pin the templates to your fabric and cut out.

Place the long strip inside your basket for proper sizing and pin the short ends of the long strip together.

Sew these ends on your sewing machine. Pin the base on and sew that together.
We will not hem the top of  the liner but instead will fold it down inside the walls of the basket.

Pin the liner in your basket and blanket stitch in place. Sew on your handle so it is nice and sturdy and fill with it with fun!

We hope you will share pictures of your felted Easter Basket and other items on our Facebook Friends page!


Needle felted chickie in wheelbarrow for Easter

Needle Felted Easter Chickie in a Wheelbarrow

Needle felted chickie in wheelbarrow for Easter

Jayne Ward needle felted this cheerful little chickie in a wheelbarrow and shared him with us.

“Love visiting with the Living Felt community and seeing all the gorgeous work from around the globe. Thought I’d share another Easter make from my craft page JaynesLoveDoves. It’s a tiny chick felted into a 2 inch seed pod. The trickiest part was tying the teeny tiny bow of her bonnet.”

Needle Felted Bunny Rabbit with Back Pack

Needle Felted Bunny Rabbits in Action!

Needle Felted Bunny Rabbit with Back Pack

"The Journey" Needle Felted Bunny Rabbit with Back Pack by Gerda Randolph

It is Felted Easter Week! Where is this bunny off to?

Sent to us by Gerda Randolph  of California– and entitled “The Journey”. Gerda wrote.
Love the wool you sent! ” – which included Living Felt MC-1 in Willow, NZ Corriedale in Natural Medium and Natural Dark.

Needle Felted Bunny Rabbits "The Conversation"

Needle Felted Bunny Rabbit in Tennis Shoes
Needle Felted Racing Rabbit, wearing tennis shoes 🙂

Needle Felted Easter Eggs

Gorgeous Needle Felted Easter Eggs

Needle Felted Easter Eggs

Felted Easter!!!! If you haven’t needle felted any Easter Eggs yet, this bright and colorful collection
by Holly Bollier of Connecticut may inspire you!

Holly writes,

“I used a combination of materials in making these eggs, felting the base egg shape with wool,
and then adding yarns, beads, or felted embellishments on top.

When working in my kitchen making meals for my family, I depend on well made utensils to help me get the job done.
Whether it’s a nicely made wooden spoon, or well balanced chef’s knife, great tools are vital to preparing foods quickly and efficiently.
I bring that same mentality to my studio when felting.  That is, great tools are instrumental to making my felting projects
work up quickly and easily.  In making these eggs, I found the Living Felt Spiral 38 needle to be a very fast needle,
and the Living Felt Triangle 42 needle to be excellent in helping me to refine details.  Thanks for these great tools!”


Holly Bollier Guilford, CT

needle felted bunnies for Easter basket

Needle Felted Bunnies & Sweet Treasures

needle felted bunnies for Easter basket

It has been Felted Easter … and Especially BUNNIES all week here at Living Felt
and we have received a ton of pictures from our felting friends around the world.
These little cuties come from Jen Moss of Canada.

needle felted bunnies for Easter basket

Jen needle felted these tiny little bunnies out of wool…perfect for your Easter Basket!

Needle Felted Toadstool House Mushroom Waldorf

Jen felts more than just Bunnies! So stop by her etsy shop
for more delightful creations.

custom needle felted fairies in Waldorf style on etsy

You can even have a custom needle felted fairy made just for you!

Visit Jen’s Felted Jems…on etsy!