Needle Felted Easter Eggs

Gorgeous Needle Felted Easter Eggs

Needle Felted Easter Eggs

Felted Easter!!!! If you haven’t needle felted any Easter Eggs yet, this bright and colorful collection
by Holly Bollier of Connecticut may inspire you!

Holly writes,

“I used a combination of materials in making these eggs, felting the base egg shape with wool,
and then adding yarns, beads, or felted embellishments on top.

When working in my kitchen making meals for my family, I depend on well made utensils to help me get the job done.
Whether it’s a nicely made wooden spoon, or well balanced chef’s knife, great tools are vital to preparing foods quickly and efficiently.
I bring that same mentality to my studio when felting.  That is, great tools are instrumental to making my felting projects
work up quickly and easily.  In making these eggs, I found the Living Felt Spiral 38 needle to be a very fast needle,
and the Living Felt Triangle 42 needle to be excellent in helping me to refine details.  Thanks for these great tools!”


Holly Bollier Guilford, CT

needle felted bunnies for Easter basket

Needle Felted Bunnies & Sweet Treasures

needle felted bunnies for Easter basket

It has been Felted Easter … and Especially BUNNIES all week here at Living Felt
and we have received a ton of pictures from our felting friends around the world.
These little cuties come from Jen Moss of Canada.

needle felted bunnies for Easter basket

Jen needle felted these tiny little bunnies out of wool…perfect for your Easter Basket!

Needle Felted Toadstool House Mushroom Waldorf

Jen felts more than just Bunnies! So stop by her etsy shop
for more delightful creations.

custom needle felted fairies in Waldorf style on etsy

You can even have a custom needle felted fairy made just for you!

Visit Jen’s Felted Jems…on etsy!

Needle Felted Ducks in a Tea Cup Pin Cushion

Needle Felted Duck & Ducklings ~ Morning Swim

Needle Felted Ducks in a Tea Cup Pin Cushion

Needle felted Spring Scene:

 Mama and Ducklings out for a morning swim. This little scene is a lavender filled pin cushion,
created by Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven of Coupeville, Washington

“The flowers under the tree are beaded pins that are practical and pretty.
All three of the ducks are also on pins, so they can be repositioned on a whim. Lastly, the cup was bought from
our local animal foundation thrift store, WAIF (Whidbey Animal Improvement Foundation).

Though I try to buy my fibers locally to support the many farms and other businesses on Whidbey Island,
I like the variety of needle felting and wet felting supplies at Living Felt.
I always find inspiration and tips from experts at Living Felt.”

Thank you, Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven


Needle Felted Ducks Pin Cushion by Kathleen Dodge-DeHavenNeedle Felted Ducks Pin Cushion by Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven

Needle Felted Bunny in a Walnut Shell

Needle Felted Bunny Not Just for Easter!

Needle Felted Bunny in a Walnut Shell

Needle Felted Bunny by Jennifer Markens. This perfectly precious needle felted bunny comes to us from Jennifer Markens of Cranston, MA. She has captured an true innocence in this little scene.

“We ran a fundraiser this year, and last year, here in Ashfield, MA at Cranston’s Christmas Tree Farm, selling ornaments. Here is my felted bunny ornament. Our fundraiser raised over five thousand dollars over a two year period for local organizations supporting the needs of folks facing cancer. Maryellen Cranston had this idea for a sale at her family’s farm and a number of us in the community donated ornaments.”

- Jennie Markens

Needle Felted Mr & Mrs Bunny Rabbit

Mr & Mrs Bunny — Needle Felted

Needle Felted Mr & Mrs Bunny Rabbit

Needle Felted Mr & Mrs Bunny Rabbit

Jane Lendway of Vermont a Wins a Felting Goody Box from!

Jane sent us her darling pictures of Mr & Mrs Bunny. Aren’t they a pair?! She says baby bunny is on the way this year!

Living Felt’s generosity, creativity and positive attitude makes shopping for felt and needles a joy.
fun to make the animals and then clothe them in rich, vibrant colors.

Thank you and Happy Easter!” – Jane Lendway, Vermont

We are touched, Jane, and humbled. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with all of us.

Thanks to everyone for making it so fun & friendly by sharing your pics, love & feedback!!


Sweet Needle Felted Easter Bunny Rabbit

This darling needle felted bunny was sent in by Angela McGinnis of Ireland.
She wanted to make a “delicate and a calorie free alternative to an Easter Egg” … well done!

He is a total of 4″ tall from feet to tip of ears, with black onyx for yes and his sweet jacket is crocheted.
He is needle felted with a wire armature, core wool and white merino wool on top.

See more from Angela at