OOAK Felted Fuzzy Pets!

Felted Fuzzy Pets by Gail Ford on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We remember one of Gail’s first needle felts from 2010, it was a darling baby mobile. We love seeing her felting now 5years later! She used CW-1 Core Wool and MC-1 Felting Batts + Sculpey!

“I was inspired because my daughter has a anime convention coming up where she sells her crochet crafts. I make felted creatures to sell there with her…It keeps me busy wile she is off having fun.this is the first one like this I’ve tried. Normally I only use felt, but I thought it would be fun to combine sculpey with it.”

– Gail Ford, Eliot, Maine


A Beautiful & Gentle Needle Felted Dwarf!

Needle Felted Dwarf by Monica Slavici of Gandalf's Beard on www.livingfelt.com/blog

by Monica Slavici

Monica Slavici of Gandalf’s Beard in Switzerland is another artist who inspires us greatly! This week we shared her latest creation on our fb page.

“Marukh is a gentle soul,he is coming from the Swiss mountains
and loves people’s company. He likes to travel the most and make new frinends between
other Dwarfes. I sure hope he will open some doors for us…”

– Monica Slavici, Zurich Switzerland

Follow her on Facebook:  Gandalf’s Beard

Visit her Etsy Shop: Gandalf’s Beard

Needle Felted “Bottom” from Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Needle Felted Character Doll by Joyce Hazlerig  on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Joyce Hazlerig of Smithville, TX shared this beautiful piece on ourfb page. We have seen it in person and he is brilliant!

“Bottom from Midsummer Night’s Dream. His tunic was needle felted from MC-1… and his donkey face from dark Chocolate
and various grays and his fairy throne is covered with mohair locks as flower garlands.”

Follow Joyce on facebook:  Gypsyharte Arts

Needle Felted Gnome is a Work of Art

Silke-Sordyl-Sencha Needle Felted Gnome on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Silke Sordyl is a brilliant artist! For Felted Fairy- Fantasy week  she shared a very special character on our facebook page!

“Sencha is the chronicler of the Gieblings people . Sindri and Vila are two brave Gnomes
who set off into the Berberette land to assist the dragon Eldritch on a big adventure.
Sencha is writing down everything he is being told about the adventures.
The Gieblings want to record their adventures for their posterity.”

– Silke Sordyl, IL

Visit her etsy shop: Fairy Felt by SiSo

Needle Felted Gnome Finger Puppet!

Needle Felted Gnome Finger Puppet by Jessie Dockins on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Jessie Dockins needle felts wonderful animals and pet portraits…and uber sweet gnomes and little fairy like things!
We love “felt gnome” who is also a finger puppet..what a clever design and use of upcycled fabric.

“This mischievous felt gnome wants to bring a smile to your face! This needle felted gnome puppet stands approximately six inches tall. I used repurposed fabric to sew the gnome’s body and needle felted his face. Needle felting is a technique in which a barbed needle is used to sculpt loose wool into shapes. As you can see in the photos, the felt gnome is an unique finger puppet- you can make him walk and dance by putting your fingers in the holes in his legs.”

Needle Felted Gnome Finger Puppet by Jessie Dockins on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Jessie uses Living Felt MC-1 Batts on her felted creations and she has an etsy shop where you get a felted gift for you or a loved one. WE DID! We own some of her Love Gnomes…they are pure magic! xoxo

Visit her etsy shop:  ThreeDogsandaCat

Fiery but Adorable RED Needle Felted Dragon!

Needle Felted Red Dragon by Shelly Schwartz on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Shelly Schwartz makes some pretty darn sweet sculptures out of polymer clay and more recently has been applying her skills and creativity to needle felting. We love this needle felted dragon made with Living Felt MC-1 Felting batts!

“I was so impressed by my daughter’s computer drawing of a red dragon, that I felt I must make him into a sculpture.

He was sculpted from true red and mahogany MC 1 batt wool. He has a wire armature throughout his body and wings to help him stand and pose.  His teeth were made from polymer clay and he has black glass eyes.

Thank you for the inspiring emails every Saturday. I look forward to seeing what others are creating every week.”

– Shelly Schwartz, Michigan

Visit her etsy shop: Shelly Schwartz Studios  [rainabedaina]