Needle Felted Gnomes by Erin Whalen on

Adorable Needle Felted Gnomes Sporting Wooly Locks

Needle Felted Gnomes by Erin Whalen on

Erin Whalen of Wisconsin recently shared some of her precious needle felted gnomes with us….they are so sweet, we just had to share them with you as well!

Needle Felted Gnomes by Erin Whalen on

“Inspiration: I recently learned some new techniques at a workshop
I took from Silke Sordyl of Fairyfelt. She’s an extremely talented needle felter
and an awesome teacher. And, I live on a 10-acre farm with many beautiful trees, ferns,
hostas, birds, woodland critters, my fiber animals and my horses.
With nature all around, every day is inspiring!


Supplies Used: Living Felt MC1 (for body core) + wool from my own sheep.
Living Felt locks for hair, beards, and outer clothing include: Mohair, Teeswater,
Lincoln Longwool, BFL, and Wensleydale.

Thank you for your consideration.”
Erin Whalen, Wisconsin

Needle Felted Cheshire Cat by Sharon May on

Amazing Needle Felted Cheshire Cat!

Cheshire Cat by Sharon May on

We were so delighted to receive this submission by Sharon…this guy is a real character!!

“Imagine my surprise when I got my new order of MC-1 Purple/Berries
and this guy popped out. I love this wool. It is so easy to felt and the colors are wonderful.
I guess I’ll see what else is in that package. Thanks so much.”

– Sharon May, Illinois

Needle Felted Gargoyle is a Work of Art!

Needle Felted Gargoyle by Cherie Davidson featured on

Cherie Davidson really got our attention this week with her incredible needle felted gargoyle! She felted him out of love as a gift for her brother.

“I started this gargoyle as a gift for my brother, as a Christmas present. I didn’t get it detailed by then, so I wrapped it, and as soon as he opened it, I snatched it back and said, “he’s not finished yet! You’ll get him back as soon as he’s what I envision him” and I worked on him until the end of March! LOL My poor brother. But when he saw him, he named him “Brutus” and said he was worth the wait. (That was a great feeling!)”

Needle Felted Gargoyle by Cherie Davidson featured on

“Brutus is my largest piece, and when he was first started, he was only my third project in needle felting (and ended up being my fifth piece when finished). He’s the size of a house cat, and at his very body core he has a little (doll making) polyfil (for economy, and I was still learning at that point), but then he’s built up with Living Felt core wool, and his wonderful stone color is Living Felt’s MC-1 Cross Batt in Storm Gray. He’s detailed in black MC-1. I did use some armature wire in his paws/claws to help form the toes/talons, and I felted a pipe cleaner up the inside edge of each wing for a little support, but otherwise, he’s all fiber. I used a single 40t needle for most of him, but did occasionally use the Clover 3-needle pen to help with surface smoothing and some large surface areas.

He was a pure joy to create, and I learned a great deal about the feel of wool and the way a needle sculpts wool fibers from this little guy, and I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out!”

Thank you! – Cherie Davidson

You can see more from Cherie online at:

Lovely felted clothing and accessories by Angela Shannon of Folk Owl, featured on

Felted Clothing & Accessories – Fit for Fairies on Earth


We fell in love with the felted scarves, wrist warmers, jewelry and more by Angela Shannon!
Join us as we visit with her and explore more of her exquisite yet elemental felted apparel.

Approximately 8 years ago, Angela  discovered felt making through her love of trying new craft techniques She shares she is currently trying to teach herself micro macramé.

Lovely felted clothing and accessories by Angela Shannon of Folk Owl,  featured on
“I enjoy coming up with new designs, and so I tend to take an experimental approach, and I am not always certain of what I will make until I get started.  I am very happy to combine materials I have to hand  such as cotton fabrics and pieces of vintage lace into my felt work.  I also like to try out different kinds of fibres to see what changes they make to the texture of the felt. I hand dye my fibres using acid dyes which is a process I also very much enjoy.”

Lovely felted clothing and accessories by Angela Shannon of Folk Owl,  featured on

Lovely felted clothing and accessories by Angela Shannon of Folk Owl,  featured on

“I love the way that felt can mimic nature. I was very surprised when I first discovered this aspect of felting, and it is the main reason why I enjoy working in this medium.”

Angela says she loves felting scarves and shawls “because there is an infinite variety of possibilities, whether that is the colour combinations, shapes or textures. I also love making my forest cuffs because there always seems to be a new colour combination to try.”

Lovely felted clothing and accessories by Angela Shannon of Folk Owl,  featured on

For her delightful felted pieces, Angela likes to work with merino tops, Wensleydale and Teeswater locks, and she also enjoys using Alpaca and silk fibers.

Where does she get her magical ideas?
“The woods and forest is where I derive my inspiration.”

Lovely felted clothing and accessories by Angela Shannon of Folk Owl,  featured on
Angela’s WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT to fellow artists and craft persons:
“Find something that you love creating that comes from the heart and others will love it too. Be prepared to work very hard and never give up on your ability to succeed.”

Shop with Angela in her Etsy shop

Follow her on facebook: Folk Owl on facebook

OOAK Felted Fuzzy Pets!

Felted Fuzzy Pets by Gail Ford on

We remember one of Gail’s first needle felts from 2010, it was a darling baby mobile. We love seeing her felting now 5years later! She used CW-1 Core Wool and MC-1 Felting Batts + Sculpey!

“I was inspired because my daughter has a anime convention coming up where she sells her crochet crafts. I make felted creatures to sell there with her…It keeps me busy wile she is off having fun.this is the first one like this I’ve tried. Normally I only use felt, but I thought it would be fun to combine sculpey with it.”

– Gail Ford, Eliot, Maine


A Beautiful & Gentle Needle Felted Dwarf!

Needle Felted Dwarf by Monica Slavici of Gandalf's Beard on

by Monica Slavici

Monica Slavici of Gandalf’s Beard in Switzerland is another artist who inspires us greatly! This week we shared her latest creation on our fb page.

“Marukh is a gentle soul,he is coming from the Swiss mountains
and loves people’s company. He likes to travel the most and make new frinends between
other Dwarfes. I sure hope he will open some doors for us…”

– Monica Slavici, Zurich Switzerland

Follow her on Facebook:  Gandalf’s Beard

Visit her Etsy Shop: Gandalf’s Beard