Delightful Felted Fairy Painting

Needle Felted Fairy Painting by Anna Repke featured on

What a delightful little fairy, and so well done!

What can say spring better than a fairy? I had a fairy calendar of Cicley Mary Barker’s fairies and just had to give it a go!! I wet felted the base tapestry with just a few wisps of color, then needle felted all the details. Phew!

– Anna Repke, Illinois

Scenes from Wooly Wednesday!

Scenes from Wooly Wednesday with Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Join us for a fun, interactive gathering of friends!

Catch the Broadcast Live or watch it later in our fb group: LIVING FELT FRIENDS

Last week we had a special guest: Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte!

Scenes from Last week:

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Joyce shared many wonderful details about her amazing felted dragon.

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

She even explained how she made the wings and showed a smaller version of the armature.

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Joyce gave a demonstration of her method for needle felting nepps, very cool!

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

She then shared her incredible caterpillar — another spectacular piece!

Felt Holiday Ornaments featured on

We pulled some of our favorite felted ornaments from the tree and shared who made them 🙂

Woodsy Forest Vessel Felting Workshop

Woodsy Forest Vessel Felting Workshop featured on

Wet Felting a Woodsy Forest Vessel with Dawn Edwards

Call us with questions 1- 877-665-5790

Date: June 14th, 2018 Thursday
Time: 9am- 4pm

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Location: LIVING FELT 14121 W. Hwy 290, Bldg 2A Austin, TX 78737

Materials Fee: $0
Includes wool, embellishment and textural fibers, use of shop tools.

Skill Level for this Workshop: Suitable for all levels. We will be rolling our felt which requires some physical exertion. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Workshop Description:

Come and create a beautiful wet-felted forest floor inspired vessel. We will explore methods of creating great visual interest through a fabulous, highly textured surface. We will form our vessels using a flat resist. Felting with a resist will produce a seamless, hollow shape. Watch as our flat felt pieces become three-dimensional…and woodsy.

More Info or Register Here

Needle Felted Hedgehog Fairy

Needle Felted Hedgehog Fairy Fantasy Character by Erin Whalen featured on

“This is Saffron. He’s a hedgehog fairy and stands about 5 inches tall. I think the locks – gifted to me by Silke Sordyl added the perfect touch!

Saffron is my first fantasy type character. And, I’ve discovered a new favorite needle – LF purple spiral #40. I used it quite extensively throughout this project.”

– Erin Whalen, Wisconsin

Wet Felted Fall Fairytale Hat

Wet Felted Fall Fairytale Hat by Judi Francis featured on

“Fall Fairytale,” a perfect hat for for a perfect fall day!

This gorgeous hat was custom made just for us by Judi Francis of Felting With a Point in Pennsylvania. Judi made a similar hat for The Pence Gallery and we just had to have one!

Wet Felted Fall Fairytale Hat by Judi Francis featured on

It is lovingly wet felted using Merino Top in Oak, and our Autumn Leaves Designer Pack. We love all the rich details and the precious little lady bugs!! This beautiful wearable art is currently on display at our shop!

Artist: Judi Francis, Pennsylvania
You can find Judi on fb under: Felting with a Point

Needle Felted Fairy Garden

Needle Felted Fairy Garden by Kimberly Czar featured on

“As mother earth awakens this spring I find I am inspired by all the little things that are starting to grow. have done some hanging toadstool ornaments before but thought it would be fun to put a few together in a garden. I used all merino cross batts as I find the shorter fibers easier to work with when making smaller items.

I started with an unfinished 2 1/2″ wooden bowl. I stained it dark and then painted with white acrylic over that and sanded it to get a more aged, earthy feel. I felted a thick, tight base of wool and glued it to the inside of the bowl, and then built everything on top of that base.

I used a similar technique for the snail, gluing some densely felted wool to the inside of the shell and using the loose ends to attach the shell to the snail’s felted body. on the VERY narrow bits – like the snail’s eye tentacles, I employed a bit of wet felting technique after getting them as tight as I could with my needle I dampened them with warm, soapy water and rolled them between my fingers, compressing them as much as possible, and then doing the same with a towel, leaving some loose ends to attach to the head once they were dry.

I used my 42 triangle needle almost exclusively on this and find that the right needle makes a big difference when working on small details.”

– Kimberly Czar, Massachusetts
on etsy: czardesign

Incredible Felted Fire-Breathing Dragon!

Fire Breathing Dragon by Wendy Kamai featured on

Wendy really puts her all into her projects and it shows it the detail of her work! This dragon is beautifully sculpted in every way.

“This dragon took me a little over a month to complete. He’s about 20″ long from nose to tip of tail, and about 15” high to tip of wings. He has a wire armature, and core wool for shaping. I used red grapefruit for the body and wings, cotton white for the chest and underside, and a small amount of black for the claws and tips of the wings. The fire is a mixture of yellow, red, orange and a tiny bit of blue. I had fun creating this piece. Thank you for being so inspiring.”

– Wendy Kamai, HI