UNITY FELT- Group Mural Project

Unity Felt Group Mural ProjectNeedle Felting with Kids Mural Project featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Hi All! Marie here 🙂

I had an incredible day this week visiting with Michelle Stoeffler and her approx. 180 students at Deer Park Middle School.

A Unity Felt Group Mural project was begun, I hope that in the not too distant future we can see how the students finish it.

We have made for them large segments to needle felt onto — around the theme of Peace, Unity, Love and Friendship. Once the students are all done, they will have murals that come together like a puzzle, and can even have parts interchangeable with other classes. In all, there were 6 classes … so there will be 6 murals each with 10 segments.

These kids were brilliant, of course! I loved seeing all of their eclectic art in the room — and being in such a creative space 🙂 What a gift it was for me to spend the day with them!

I took a TON of pictures, but they will not all fit into a collage. If you would like to see more Living Felt facebook page.

The next week we received this from the teacher …

“Check it out Marie Spaulding #livingfelt !
Our students were begging to needle felt again today!
Thank you for introducing almost 200 youngsters to this medium!
We broke 17 needles today but the kids were still using the broken ones
because they loved so much.”

– Michelle Stoeffler, Artist & Art Teacher
@ Deer Park Middle School
Austin, Texas

*If you, your group or your school is interested in doing your own
Unity Felt Group Mural, please contact us:
Marie at livingfelt.com.
Toll free: 877-665-5790
or visit our website here:  Unity Felt Group Mural Project

Felting Fun with Children

Felting with Children by Cheryl Bowen of Humming Star Alpacas featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Cheryl Bowen of Humming Star Alpacas is sharing fiber arts with young ones … whenever she orders, we wish we could jump in the box and go play!

Felting with Children by Cheryl Bowen of Humming Star Alpacas featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

While many of our Alpaca Farming friends have lots of fiber, they sometimes supplement with our wool & specialty fibers, get great deals of felting foam and needles, and even get silk chiffon for painting & nuno felting scarves!

– Cheryl Bowen, Alabama
Humming Star Alpacas

Felting with Children by Cheryl Bowen of Humming Star Alpacas featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Free Needle Felting Tutorial: Fall Decor Scarecrows

Free Needle Felting Tutorial: Fall Decor Needle Felting Scarecrows on www.livingfelt.com/blog
Watch our video tutorial for needle felting these fall scarecrows. Perfect for the complete beginner, and an inspiration project for  experienced needle felters :O)


Supplies/ Tools Used: 

Living Felt MC-1 Wool Batting
CW-1 Core Wool
– Earth Harmony Needle Felting Foam, size: 10 x 10
Clover Pen Tool
– Clover 8900 Tool (5-needle)
Metal 4-Needle Felting Tool
– Felting Needles in various sizes



An Adorable Gnome Pin Cushion

Check out this sweet pin cushion by Di Summit!

This is Alden the Wee Gnome. His stump is a pin cushion and the acorn is filled with emery sand for  needles.
Di used Living Felt MC Felting Batts to create this cute little guy.

She says, “Who knows there maybe another obsession in my future!”

Adorable Felted Monster Soaps with a Free Tutorial

needle felted monster soaps

These adorable little monster soaps were needle felted by Tammy Orthmann of Hastings, Nebraska.

She wet felted the soaps with Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts and then needle felted the designs on last.

They are so fun and have a ton of character! Tammy even made the soap under the wool, so these bars are completely home made.

If you would like to make your own felted soap consider a Living Felt Merino Cross Goody Bag
and this Free Living Felt Felted Soaps Tutorial.

These felted soaps would make  great stocking stuffers, or include make a stocking stuffer
of soap and wool for an afternoon of felting fun!

Check out Tammy’s store, Bath Bliss Gifts, for more of her felted soaps.


Wet Felted Scarf Class

Fun Wet Felted Scarf Class Taught By Suzy Whitney

Wet Felted Scarf Class

These women had the pleasure of learning to wet felt a scarf in Suzy Whitney’s class!

Suzy tells us about her class, “I taught this class in two parts.  The first evening we wet felted a flower using merino wool, bubble wrap, netting, hot soapy water and rinsing water, first hot then cold.  We used a rolling pin to felt it.  It was good practice.” 

Wet Felted Scarf Class

“In the second class we made the scarves by wet felting the merino wool using bubble wrap, netting, swim noodles, and lots of rolling back and forth.  The class was a creative class as well as a work out!  When the scarf was felted we fulled it by both rubbing on bubble wrap and throwing on the counter (more exercise).

The wool we used was your merino top, probably why they turned out so pretty!  This winter I plan on teaching a wet felted slipper class and wet felted hat class and bookmarks for a kids class.  These classes are offered by our local community education and are great fun and a way for me to meet new friends since moving here a couple years ago.”

 That sounds like a blast- and all the scarves look beautiful too! Surely Two Harbors, MN is glad Suzy moved there!

Needle Felting Leaf Using Applique

Fun Felting Applique Workshop

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Paper with Appliques

After a well thought out plan, a good felting party or workshop begins with a fabulous invite to friends!
We love this custom announcement of an afternoon of felting fun!

 Aiko Shiozaki in Osaka, Japan, hosted a needle felting applique workshop! She shared some pictures of the fun with us!

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Pink Mouse

Its so great how children will take direction and follow their own inspired ideas!
This little one obviously knew what she was doing!

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Felting Bird

 In this workshop, they were given pieces of patterned fabric that they were taught to needle felt onto the design.

Needle Felting Leaf Using Applique

It is beautiful see how a shape as simple as a leaf can be filled in with unique and varying colors, textures and fibers!
Try using yarn, dots, squiggles and solid blocks for interest.

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Felting Leaf

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Felting Bird

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Felting Bird on Apron

Beautiful composition! What a darling apron this will make!

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Felting Baby

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Cork Needles

 Aiko also puts her needles into wine corks to make them sturdier! What a great idea!

Needle Felting Applique Workshop Bird

 If you are new to felting and would like to learn how to do this, pick up a Living Felt Basic Needle Felting Starter Pack!

Thank you for sharing pictures of your fun workshop, Aiko!