Adorable Needle Felted Pie Pin Cushions!

Needle Felted Pies are Pin Cushions by Tessa Bold on

Tessa Bold is an artist who recently discovered needle felting…and she makes such wonderful creations!

Recently she heard we were teaching a free class at our local guild for needle felting pin cushions, so
she gave us these needle felted pies / pin cushions to share as inspirational models 🙂

What a lovely thing to do, right? They are needle felted with Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool,
and MC-1 Batting, aka felting batts.

Needle Felted Mushroom Pin Cushion by Tessa Bold on

This needle felted mushroom pin cushion she gave to us as a gift also. (then she learned of
our class and gifted us the pies…she has such a sweet spirit!) These pots inspired us to put our
felted fairy garden pin cushions in flower pots also. Its so great how that chain reaction happens!

Tessa does not have an online presence yet..but we’ll share it when she does!

Fruit & Veggies Wall Hanging – by Laura Burke


Laura created this vibrant and bountiful wall-hanging of fruits and veggies by first
wet felting the background and then needle felting the fruits.

So much fun to create – I had to invent some fruit and vegies to fill in some areas.
Thanks for encouraging the art of felt!”

You can see more of Laura’s felted and other art creations on her blog:

Felted Cookies? You Bet!

Felted Cookies

Felted Cookies

These look good enough to eat!  Debi Pott sent us this pic and I instantly was ready to take a bite…
except I’d be blowing soap bubbles if I did! They’re soap!

Just wanted to share with you a plate of “felted soap cookies”.   I needle felted the chocolate chips and added them to each cookie which was wet felted around a hunk of chocolate chip cookie scented soap!  I still need to make time to play more with my felting, but I have enjoyed what little I have done!   Thanks!”   Debi Potts, Plymouth, PA