Patty-Lovegreen Felted Pots for Air Plants on

Felted Pots for Air Plants…Brilliant Idea, Color & Design!

Patty Lovegreen Felted Air Plant Pots on Lovegreen of Minnesota felted these brilliant and beautiful little “pots” for her succulents. She says she has had hers for over a year and it is doing great!

“I was given a gift of an air plant and thought what a perfect match. Low maintenance plant with water wicking wool. Soak bowl and plant root once a week or mist/spray plant often.”

Felted Cat Cave is Gorgeous!

Felted Cat Cave by Giovanna-Montalbetti on

Giovanna is felting with us all the way from Spain! She felted over a resist from the wet felting a slipper kit and also over a ball. In late December of last year she wet felted this Cat Cave for her beloved Oni.

“He always loved water and flowers, so I tried to evoke a kind of Monet water lilies sort of look. This was the last thing I was able to do for my cat as he passed away on February. He meant the world to me. In this project I first used the Ball Brause Sprinkler Tool. I also used the Emerald forest pack for the leaf border decoration and for the pale green highlights in the water.”

Adorable Needle Felted Pie Pin Cushions!

Needle Felted Pies are Pin Cushions by Tessa Bold on

Tessa Bold is an artist who recently discovered needle felting…and she makes such wonderful creations!

Recently she heard we were teaching a free class at our local guild for needle felting pin cushions, so
she gave us these needle felted pies / pin cushions to share as inspirational models 🙂

What a lovely thing to do, right? They are needle felted with Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool,
and MC-1 Batting, aka felting batts.

Needle Felted Mushroom Pin Cushion by Tessa Bold on

This needle felted mushroom pin cushion she gave to us as a gift also. (then she learned of
our class and gifted us the pies…she has such a sweet spirit!) These pots inspired us to put our
felted fairy garden pin cushions in flower pots also. Its so great how that chain reaction happens!

Tessa does not have an online presence yet..but we’ll share it when she does!

Artful Felted Pot Holders & Cup Warmers

Felted Pot Holders by Terts Al on

This week we are all about felted gifts and cards. We love these felted pot holder and cup warmers by Ters Al in Estonia.

Felted Pot Holders by Terts Al on

“I love knitting, crocheting and my little passion is felting. I love to make jewelry also, especially earrings. I love cooking and my children love my cupcakes :)”

NC-TERTSDESIGN-COOZY2 Felted Cup Warmers by Terts Al on

See More and shop with Terts in her etsy store:

Lovely Felted & Needle Felted Soap

Felted Soap by Michele White on

Michele White shared her very artfully felted lavender goat’s milk soap on our community
facebook page…and won a $25 Gift Certificate to Living Felt!!

She even shared her techniques for felting and needle felting designs onto soap

“First you lay out the roving or batt in one direction – about twice the size of your bar.
Then place another layer running another direction. start at one end
and very tightly wrap the wool around the soap by turning the bar end over end.

The ends can be tucked in at the last turn. If there is too much bulk at the ends
– you can pull some of the fiber until it leaves just the amount you want.
I then lightly needle felt the soap. I just poke right into the soap.

Sometimes it is easier to surface felt by poking sideways across the surface.
Once the wool is beginning to grasp the shape of the soap – cover it in a knee high stocking
and dip into hot hot water. Rub and Rub and Rub – squeezing out the excess water.
once you cannot pinch the wool – you know it is done. I then remove it from the stocking
and let dry over night – then embellish with yarn, roving, or top.”

Thanks, Michele & Congratulations on Winning!

Felting Over Wine Bottles

Felted Wine Bottles by Melinda North on

Felted Wine Bottles – Cover Your “STUFF” In Felt

“Here is a fun and practical idea! I have wanted to do something with my
[dessert] wine bottles for long time and finally got to it! They end up being a practical way
for me to organize my knitting supplies and extra scissors I am always looking for.
They look great hanging out in the living room, too.

Each bottle takes one ounce batt of fiber. I used the studio series six pack sets in various colors,
added my own blended fibers for pizazz and marble effect, then yarn as embellishment.
They only take a few minutes to make and are quite pretty.”

– Melinda North, Oregon

Needle Felting: Jack-o-Lanterns Pincushion & Tape Measure by Sharen Johnson

needle felted pumpkins jack-o-lanterns by Sharry Johnson and featured on

Sharen Johnson of Rutledge, TN felted these amazing Jack-O-Lanterns!
She needle felted  them out of  CW-1 core wool and topped them
with dyed  Merino top wool.

“I have been listing my specialty pincushion/tape measure novelties on in the past
and they have been well received so I am excited to be back to felting once again.

I am so grateful for Living Felt’s quality products. They bring out the creative gene in me.

Next is a stackable pumpkin pincushion and tape measure. Meet Meanie, Miney and Mo.

Meanie is on the bottom and is perplexed with the heavy weights above.
Miney is holding up well and a little better natured,
but Mo is oblivious to all below and enjoying the view from the heights.
They are a pin cushion also and entirely out of Living Felt Merino wool.
The tape is hidden under the leaves on Miney and is retracted by squeezing his sides.
He really enjoys that as he considers it a hug

I am limited to dial-up internet so I cannot enjoy the video workshops to give me ideas for other felting.
I have mainly just gotten an idea in my head and grab my 3 types of needles
and poke away until my idea becomes a reality.

What a fun way to vent anxieties! These 3 projects were mainly done
with the #36Triangle needle, starting with the #38Star on the core wool.

I didn’t add armature in any of these 3. They really didn’t need it and can stand alone on the felt base.

I make sure the core wool is felted pretty solidly. I sometimes add
marbles for stability embedded in the base.”
Sharen Johnson