Fun Felted Beach Scene

Needle and Wet Felted Beach Scene by Jan White featured on

Jan shared a few of her “first attempts” at wet felting, this one made us feel like we had sand between our toes! Check out the detail — down to the shading on the palm trees.

“I’ve fallen in love with felting. … Needle felted, then wet felted, then some additional needle felting finer details”

– Jan White, Kansas

Cute Felted Sheep at the Lighthouse

Felted Sheep by Pam Ruiter featured on

Hi Marie, Home from Big Sable Point Lighthouse in Ludington, Michigan.

Michigan Lighthouse by Pam Ruiter featured on

I now have internet so I can send the picture of the one felted sheep that I made while at the lighthouse. Getting a jump on fall craft shows and this sheep are big sellers for the holidays.

I can not wait to start on my Little Pokey Hedgehog.

Pam Ruiter, Michigan

Fantastic Felted Vessel

Felted Vessel by Camelia Wogu featured on

What a fantastic use of color and texture! This vessel is truly a work of art! You can see her use of luxury fibers including Tussah Silk, Cocoons and Silk Hankies.

“I was off from work for a total of 5 days. So of course I felted every breathing moment. Experimenting and just having creative fun”

– Camelia Wogu, California

Gorgeous Felted Mermaids

Felted Mermaid by Una Sassa featured on

Una Sassa began felting with us in the Spring of 2015; she jumped right in with our wet felting slippers kit and CD tutorials for needle felting dolls. Since then, her dolls have brought many smiles and tons of inspiration!

Una shared that she used MC-1 Cotton and MC-1 Midnight Blue on this doll.

– Una Sassa, England

Needle Felted Mermaid by Theresa LaBrecque featured on

Theresa LaBrecque needle felted this very original mermaid on Facebook…isn’t she lovely?

Felted Mermaid by Patti Bronecky featured on

Patti says she is practicing realistic hands and this sweet gal has Merino Top for her hair.

“This was inspired by the mermaid art submitted by Anne Zimmerman.”

Patti Bronecky, California

Felted Mermaid by Anne Zimmerman featured on

In case you have not seen images of Anne’s Mermaids, here is one. She has shared a few of them with us over the years and all are equally wonderful.

– Anne Zimmerman, New York

Felted Mermaid by Ruth Yoder featured on

Ruth Yoder shared her beautiful Mermaid, Lorelei, on our facebook page, wow!

Felted Mermaid by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on

Sonja shared hers as well! We think she is a fairy mermaid!

“I just finished this mermaid doll. She is about 12” tall and is fully poseable, including her fingers. She is core wool covered with flesh tone Mc batt, and materials from the fairy artist pack. Her hair features your amazing Teasdale locks. She is hand beaded with hundreds of mixed glass beads, swarovski crystals, and natural stones on her bra, tail, and wired into her hair.”

– Sonja Weeks Oswalt, Tennessee

Realistic Needle Felted Birds

Susan Beal Lifelike needle felted birds on

Susan Beal in Vermont needle felts incredibly lifelike bird sculptures. She shared that she combines her wool with our CW-1 Core Wool and colors of our MC-1 Batts.

Susan Beal Lifelike needle felted birds on Using MC-1 Felting Batts and CW-1 Core Wool

Some of those colors include: Black, Storm, Birch, Driftwood and Clay, Blueberry,
Winter Blue and Chicory.

“I’ve tried other company’s wool and keep returning to yours
for my birds because it felts so well and is so clean and uniform,
and there is a terrific range of colors. I also use your needles
a single #36 triangle is my workhorse (I go through a lot of these!),
along with the #38 star needles in the 10 needle felting tool
and the Clover tool.”

Susan Beal Lifelike needle felted birds on Using MC-1 Felting Batts and CW-1 Core Wool


She also shared that a number of her birds were made for a conservation group in Mississippi who uses the birds in educational activities, while others are created
and for sale in her etsy shop.

Susan Beal Lifelike needle felted birds on  Using MC-1 Felting Batts and CW-1 Core Wool

“They’re all life sized, and because I strive make them as lifelike
and realistic as possible, I’ve had to keep developing new techniques
along the way. It’s immensely gratifying.

Thanks for all your passion, love and good vibes!”

Best wishes,
Susan, Vermont

See more from Susan in her etsy shop: Flightofheart