Exquisite Felted Heart Sculpture

Felted Heart by Julia Maudlin on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Julia Maudlin felted this gorgeous piece entitled Open Hearts Window using Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts in True Red, with other colors of merino top then added wire and bead work and mounted it on a wood base and dowel. It measures 18″ tall and is currently on display at the Dallas Craft Guild Valentine exhibit “Tea for Two” which runs through 02-14-2015.

Julia can be reached through her website, but says she does not keep her felt works up to date on the site as she prefers to show them in person.


Kristin Ray Johnson Wins a Free Felting Supplies Goody Box!

Needle Felted Valentine Gnome

Kristin Johnson Ray Wins a Prize!

Kristin posted her cheerful little Love Gnome on our facebook page — isn’t she pure sweetness? You can leave love & feedback here

Just for responding/posting on our facebook page, Kristin wins a Free Needle Felting Goody Box, and an Creative Success Affirmations CD.!

needle felted heart garland

Needle Felted Heart Garland for Valentine's Day

Picture Perfect Valentine  Garland – but this photo looks like a postcard!

“This is a piece that I have done for Valentines Day! It is a felted  heart garland made out of merino wool.
I used the technique of using a cookie cutter to make these hearts. I’ve made many ball garlands
but I thought for Valentines Day it would be really fun to make one
out of hearts. Hope you enjoy!”

Whitney Delgado – Washington State

Needle Felted Love Birds for Valentines

Needle Felted Love Birds

Needle Felted Love Birds for Valentines

Who needs “angry birds” when you can enjoy these fun and funky needle felted Love Birds?! 

“Just thought I’d pass along a couple pics of the new creations I made with my new stock of supplies.  The penguin is called Romeo -featured with “Blush” in  photo.  Both items are made with the merino cross-batts.”

– Genevieve Hamilton  Ontario, Canada

Funny Little Felted Valentines – By Barbara Wilson


Barbara Wilson of Allen, Texas  shared her fun and quirky needle felted Valentines. I especially love Birdie….no wings, but two great legs! We also appreciate Barbara’s wise words for the creative process….something to remember.

The first submission, the Griffin a red creature with green eyes. He stands 11″ (28 cm) tall. Griffin is made out of Living Felts Merino Top Silk Blends in Pomegranate. This Griffin is holding a valentine for a very special person.

The second submission, the birdy was also made out of Living Felts Merino Top Silk Blends in Pomegranate along with green and red Living Felt Merino Cross Felting Batts.  She measures 1 3/4″ (4 cm) from the top of her head to her bottom.

“I don’t really have a purpose to my creations, I just  enjoy watching the different creations and personalities emerge as I add or remove different parts.  I have learned that sometimes you just have to walk away from a project and return later in order to get a new perspective.  If you think the project is not turning out the way you wish, take a break and come back later to see it from a different view.”

Thanks, Barbara