Fun Felted Butterfly Tutorial

Needle Felted Butterfly by Marie Spaulding featured on

It is so fun to explore what you can make with a bit of MC-1 Batting, Wool Felt and a Transfer Pen!

Needle Felted Butterfly by Marie Spaulding featured on

Needle Felted Butterfly by Marie Spaulding featured on

After transferring the wing pattern from printer paper to the felt with the Transfer Pen, the wings were needle felted onto the Wool Felt and then cut out.

Needle Felted Butterfly by Marie Spaulding featured on

The body was needle felted and slits cut into the sides. I used pins to plan the wing placement and overlap, then wings inserted into the slits. Hide the insertion points and join to the body more securely by needle felting wool between the wings and the body.

Felted Elephant Hawk Moth by Marie Spaulding featured on

For this Elephant Hawk Moth, I first wet felted Fuchsia Merino Top and cut out the wing shape. then the accent colors were needle felted on top.

Free Mini Tutorial: Wet & Needle Felted Picture

Wet & Needle Felted Picture by Marie Spaulding featured on

This little picture entitled “Happy Camper” was created as a gift for a friend. Felting a small picture with simple detail and design can be quite fun!

Wet & Needle Felted Picture by Marie Spaulding featured on

All the fibers were laid out on the base layer, and then the picture was wet felted.

Base layer = Living Felt PF-X Prefelt batt cut to size, MC-1 Batts, Dyed Tussah Silk, Merino Top, Dyed Sheep’s Locks.

Wet & Needle Felted Picture by Marie Spaulding featured on

Details and texture were added with needle felting and top stitching on the sewing machine. Lower the feed dogs and raise the presser foot so you can stitch freely. Add embroidery also!

Free Tutorial: Creating Long Fur on Animals

Needle Felting Long Fur on Animals Tutorial featured on

This little critter is formed on an 18 gauge wire armature, with 12 gauge wire for arms and fingers. Covered in CW-1 Core Wool, MC-1 Cafe Au Lait and Mocha merino top as the soft fur.

You can also use NZ Corriedale, the bunny fluff, or other wools such as the alpaca and jacob shown below.

Free Needle Felted Mushrooms Tutorial


Free Needle Felted Mushrooms Tutorial featured on

These sweet little mushrooms are lots of fun. Decorate or pose them any way you like! It’s a perfect beginner project, and you can use this as a building block for future projects.

Get the free needle felting mushrooms video tutorial here.


Free Tutorial for Scrunch-Dyed Scarves

Colorhue "Instant Set" Silk Dyes featured on

Colorhue “Instant Set” Silk Dyes

The colorhue silk dyes are perfect for dying your silk scarves or fabrics before nuno felting, Simply mix with water and apply, no need to steam, no need to boil, no chemicals or vinegar to add. They are truly “instant set”!

Note from Marie: I had enjoyed using colorhue to dye silk fabrics in my studio, and a local friend and fiber artist Julianne Krute seems to pull them out at every fiber event for quick demos and make-n-take fun. After playing with them some more and meeting even more felters who are having great results and great fun with them, I knew you would love them too! So we made this little tutorial to show you how quickly you can get started!

Scrunch-Dyed Scarves featured on

Look What You Can Do…Instant Dyeing!

Free Tutorial for dyeing silk with no heating required!

DIY Scrunch Dye Scarves Free Tutorial

Beautiful Felted Pebble Bowl

Felted Pebble Bowl by Carol Jensen featured on

You might remember Carol’s amazing felted “pumpkin bowl” from last fall. Well this awesome pebble bowl is not only beautiful, it is easy to make! A HUGE thanks to Carol for sharing photos of her process!

She used merino top for the fiber.

Felted Pebble Bowl by Carol Jensen featured on

“I first loosely needle felted roving to the foam and then wrapped it in netting, added hot water and soap, etc and then wet felted it till firm. I threw them into a cool dryer cycle and then began sewing the pebbles together.

It is made by first felting pebbles made of high density foam and sewing each pebble to another. I did this over a bowl to give it shape. Any spots where thread showed afterwards were covered loosely with roving and needle felted. It is soft and squishy but look like pebbles…..”

– Carol Jensen

Bird Feet for Needle Felted Birds – Free Tutorial

How To Make Bird Feet

by  our Felting Friend, Patty Gibson

When I started needle felting birds, I soon discovered that there was a need to come up with a method to create bird feet. At first, I knew of no simple process to do this but by experimenting with a few household products, I discovered that there was an easy way after all.

I would like to share with you what I learned on this journey and provide an easy, inexpensive, and very quick way for you to make your own bird feet. If you do not have a certain bird in mind or if you are a little unsure just how to make a bird; you can use the Nesting Bird Tutorial and create your own colorful bird body. Here is a simple process on how to make your very own bird feet.

For this project you will need white glue, jewelry wire, floral tape, fingernail polish and needle nose wire cutter/pliers.

1. Create your bird. I used the Nesting Bird in a previously posted tutorial

2. White glue, jewelry wire, floral tape, fingernail polish and needle nose wire cutter/pliers

3. Start with approximately 12 inches of wire

4. 2 inches down from the top of the wire, bend at a 90 degree angle (forming a bird leg)

5. To start creating the toes, make two 1” wire loops as shown (forming the first two toes)

6. For the second two toes, create duplicate loops at a 90 degree angle.

7. All four toes should be approximately the same size (1”). Now twist together the two long ends of the wire (leg) with your pliers

8. Using your pliers, twist the bird toes and arrange the toes as shown

9. Cut off the excess wire on the top of the leg

10. Take your floral tape and wrap around the top of the bird leg

11. Wrap the tape tightly around the wire

12. Continue wrapping around the bird toes

13. The bird foot should be completely covered with floral tape

14. I frequently use black and gray fingernail polish (you can use brown and cream, etc)

15. First brush on a black coat of polish

16. While the polish is still wet

17. Apply a little grey polish

18. The black should show through the grey and create a marbled look

19. Repeat all of the steps for the second bird foot

20. Now you are ready to attach the feet to your bird

21. You will need white glue

22. Apply a small amount of glue to the top of the bird feet

23. Wrap a small piece of wool around the glued top of the leg

24. Lightly needle felt the wool

25. Needle felt the feet to the bird body

26. Continue needle felting until firmly applied

27. Apply colored wool to blend the leg into the bird body

28. The feet are now firmly attached to the bird body

29. While holding the bird feet, adjust the bird until it is balanced and stands by itself

Now you can create some interesting places to display your bird masterpiece. Enjoy!