Join Us for Peace Felt 2017!

Peace Felt 2017 featured on

Peace Felt 2017 is Happening!

Each year, the United Nations opens its regular meeting of the General Assembly by declaring the International Day of Peace. The UN encourages people to participate in practical acts of peace to put the meaning into action.

Living Felt encourages its followers to participate in Peace Felt in order to send a message of peace. We hope that by sharing these creations, we’ll show that the collective desire for a peaceful existence really makes a difference in the way people move through the world. In this way, participants are publicly displaying their willingness to actively participate in loving kindness and good will to all.

We are pleased to announce there WILL BE a Peace Felt 2017! Here are some important dates … please make note of them:

Registration Official Open Date: June 15th
Registration closes: August 15th
Partner Matches Announced: August 31st
Mail Peace Felt Art to Partner by: September 15th

Please start thinking of a Peace Felt that is from your heart and hands, and can be mailed anywhere in the world!

Please visit for complete information.

*make sure to read dates and how to register

UNITY FELT- Group Mural Project

Unity Felt Group Mural ProjectNeedle Felting with Kids Mural Project featured on

Hi All! Marie here 🙂

I had an incredible day this week visiting with Michelle Stoeffler and her approx. 180 students at Deer Park Middle School.

A Unity Felt Group Mural project was begun, I hope that in the not too distant future we can see how the students finish it.

We have made for them large segments to needle felt onto — around the theme of Peace, Unity, Love and Friendship. Once the students are all done, they will have murals that come together like a puzzle, and can even have parts interchangeable with other classes. In all, there were 6 classes … so there will be 6 murals each with 10 segments.

These kids were brilliant, of course! I loved seeing all of their eclectic art in the room — and being in such a creative space 🙂 What a gift it was for me to spend the day with them!

I took a TON of pictures, but they will not all fit into a collage. If you would like to see more Living Felt facebook page.

The next week we received this from the teacher …

“Check it out Marie Spaulding #livingfelt !
Our students were begging to needle felt again today!
Thank you for introducing almost 200 youngsters to this medium!
We broke 17 needles today but the kids were still using the broken ones
because they loved so much.”

– Michelle Stoeffler, Artist & Art Teacher
@ Deer Park Middle School
Austin, Texas

*If you, your group or your school is interested in doing your own
Unity Felt Group Mural, please contact us:
Marie at
Toll free: 877-665-5790
or visit our website here:  Unity Felt Group Mural Project

Felted Art Bra for Charity

Felted Art Bra by Lori Bier featured on

Earlier this year Lori Bier, came into LF for fiber to work on her donation for Art Bra Austin called “Silver Lining.” As an experienced fiber artist who is also a belly dancer, Lori also has expertise in creating belly dance costumes for which she paints gorgeous silk veils.

Felted Art Bra by Lori Bier featured on

Lori chose our Starry Nights Specialty Designer Pack and added some MC-1 Batts and Silver Angelina.

“I made clouds of varying greyness/storminess and assembled them into a cup shape, using a styrofoam egg. They’re beaded, representing rain and lighting. The front opens (velcro closures) to reveal the silver cloud lining.

Felted Art Bra by Lori Bier featured on

This is an entry for the Breast Cancer Resource Center‘s signature fundraiser, Art Bra Austin. My entry, which includes a silk veil with clouds and a rainbow, reminds people of the hope of the rainbow after the storm. Art Bra Austin, held every year, offers all sorts of opportunities to use felting techniques for beauty and good.”

Lori Bier, Texas
President, Austin Fiber Artists Guild

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

May you allow yourself to just be uniquely you – wherever and everywhere
you find yourself. May you allow yourself to love and accept your being,
your preferences, your dreams,your art and above all of your Self.
Say this 10 times slowly: “I Love Being Me”.

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needle felted art bra for charity

Needle Felted Art Bra for Charity

needle felted art bra for charity
~*Felt For Love!*~ That is our theme this week! Post yours or comment on others for a chance to win a needle felting goody box from
Anne Temple felted this gorgeous art bra for a charity fund raiser!

She writes, “I have attended the galas here in Des Moines before for this wonderful cause, ( Raises money to pay for mammograms) last year I got inspired to make a felted bra. The title for this Bra is “ Remember to Get Felt Up at Least Once A Year” The bra is needle felted. The scarf is one of Living Felts roving wools with some additions mixed in . It is a wet felted spider web scarf. The skirt is a 1980 vintage silk wrap that I hand dyed and nuno felted on the top.”

Standing on The Past – Hope, Connectivity & Rebuilding for Japan by Aki Morishima

Standing on the Past by Aki Morishima

Standing on the Past by Aki Morishima of Los Angeles, CA

One year ago this month, our brothers and sisters and children in Japan saw truly devastating
earthquakes. Aki Morishima had an opportunity to connect with people there
and to experience the collective resilience of the human heart.

Not everyone celebrates Easter, but as human beings in this cycle of life,
we all understand letting go, looking ahead and beginning again.

Aki captured this essence quite beautifully in her artwork of felt.
The piece was made especially for a charity auction to benefit Japan.

Standing on the Past by Aki Morishima

After the massive earthquake hit Japan a year ago, I had a chance to talk to people suffering in the area of the disaster. Despite their loss of family and friends, they tried to stay positive to live. I was moved by them holding each others’ hands and cooperating to rebuild their future. I made this piece thinking of people in Japan.

The piece stands 9″ tall by 5″ at the base and 9″ at its widest point.
The tree itself is 100% wool, without armature.

Standing on the Past by Aki Morishima

The flower petals are cut commercial felt, the stamens are needle felted. There is no glue used in the piece, it is 100% needle felted.
It took Aki 4 days to make.

Standing on the Past by Aki Morishima

Aki shared that this was the first time she made something so large and so complicated, she had to plan well in advance.

“I have learned that if you prepare well and spend more time the piece might gather more of my feelings and emotions to convey.”

From our vantage point, the emotions in this piece are palpable, and Aki’s insight is profoundly true.
We hope you will offer her some feedback on this lovely work below — how does it make you feel?