Fun Fine Felted Hat

Felted Hat by Sue Ranbarger featured on

This is a fine and FUN HAT — we love the shape and design.

“This hat was made using Living Felt medium hat block and the extension. Living Felt Black Onyx MC -1 Batt with alpaca sandwiched in between layers. It was wet felted then more batt was needle felted over top which added strength and a finished look. The hat band was left over felting and Lincoln Locks are the embellishment.

Thank you for supplies and knowledge you provide.”

Sue Ranbarger, Michigan

Beautiful Felted Bird Portrait

Felted Bird Portrait by Rachel Carter featured on

“I love experimenting with new techniques and generally becoming braver with my ideas. This piece is my newest that I made yesterday; I made prefelt out of black merino and alpaca with rainbow silk, cut out the shape of the bird and assembled everything on black prefelt. The background has merino, yak, and baby camel/silk blends. I already have ideas for my next experiment with this style!”

– Rachel Carter, Orgeon
Rock and Flower Felt

Irresistible Needle Felted Alpaca Picture

Needle Felted Alpaca Picture by Sandi Atkins featured on

This irresistible Alpaca was needle felted by Sandi Atkins in South Carolina. She sent it to us as a surprise gift from the Alpaca fibers she won during one of our recent Wooly Wednesday broadcasts, and MC-1 plus CW-1 Core Wool. We love him!

Sandi Atkins, South Carolina

Needle Felting Fun: Needle Felted Swans

Needle Felting: See the Lovely Needle Felted Swans by Jo Johnson

Needle Felting Fun: Needle Felted Swans


What a gorgeous pair, momma and baby swan! We love how elegant and graceful they are.
Beautiful work by Jo Johnson of Stagecoach, NV!

“Hi Marie,  I’m sending two photos of the mother and baby swan I made for Easter this year. I needle-felted them from alpaca fiber (from our two white alpacas Nicolas and Buster) and from a friend’s fawn-colored alpaca, Earth Angel. I stole a couple of feathers off a kitty toy for the baby’s wings! 🙂 I’ll soon remove the egg from the baby and finish felting him so I can display them year ’round.

This was my first project–I actually have not yet used the dog kit I bought for this–but your other great kits and beautiful supplies have helped me a lot in learning techniques and I am now also making beautiful alpaca scarves!

Thanks!  Jo

PS Boy, a finger protector would be a great thing to have!! next order!”

Stunning Alpaca Needle Felted Hat!! ~ Terry and Dena Holtz



Needle Felted Hat

Needle Felted Hat


Wow, this hat is truly amazing! I can almost feel the textures just by looking at it in a photo! You two definitely ARE artists!  Try and snag a few more photos before those next hats fly out the door!

“My husband, Terry Holtz and I, Dena Kotka-Holtz bought the Needle
felting foam
, 36 gauge felting needles and a felting needle attachment for our
sewing machine
so that we could make felted  “Rocky Mountain Paca Hats”. We

loved the felting foam that we could shape into sizes we need for those hard to
reach areas.
We have made several of these beautiful “Rocky Mountain Paca Hats”, and as
soon as we finish one, it gets sold. I was fortunate enough to have taken
photos before they sold.
The “Rocky Mountain Paca Hats” are made from the wool of our very own
alpacas. I really enjoy making them and coming up with new designs for each hat.
It feels like a work of art.”

Terry Holtz and  Dena Kotka-Holtz ~ Wellington, CO

Darling Elf Doll Needle Felted from Alpaca Fibers! ~ Nancy Shelton


Needle Felted Doll

Needle Felted Doll


Nancy Shelton needle felted this cute little guy using alpaca fibers courtesy of her own animals at ‘Alpaca on the Rocks’, in Weed, CA. Too cute Nancy! And I love the natural tone of that alpaca!


“I use Living Felt needles and biodegradable foam– love that.  I make creatures of my own design out of alpaca fiber. The eyes also are fiber. This one I call Elwood.”
Nancy Shelton ~ Weed, CA