Cute Felted Baby Booties

Felted Baby Booties by Chris Pellerin featured on

We love these multi-colored baby booties Chris makes! Chris shares that she used Merino wool and felts them on a single resist (which is our method also!). She lives on a farm in Western Massachusetts where she tends to the land, grows food, cares for critters, rug hooks and felts.

Chris Pellerin, Massachusetts
Dunroamin Farm Design

Want to wet felt your own slippers? Check out our kits and how-tos:

Wet Felted Slipper Kit
Wet Felted Slipper PDF Download

Precious Unicorn Hat Set for Babies

Felted Unicorn Hat Set by Daniela Aubrey featured on

Daniela is a newborn photographer that began making her own props such as bonnets and toys for use and for sale. They are so darn precious, it’s no wonder other photographers want them also! I wonder…can grown ups wear that at all? ๐Ÿ™‚

She used CX-2 Winter White to create this sweet set.

“Finally an image in use of our beautiful unicorn set!!! Lovely image done by Stacie May from Stacie Paris Photography

– Daniela Aubrey, Texas
fb: Aubrey’s Felties and Daniela Aubrey Photography

Adorable Felted Baby Bonnet

Felted Baby Bonnet by Sandy McQueen featured on

“Thank you for taking the time to give me some tips over the phone. Using all of Living Feltโ€™s supplies helped my bonnet making much easier. I used Living Felt resist material, mesh, olive oil soap (which I love), bamboo mat (was larger than the one I had).

The wool I used was MC-1 Merino-cross fast felting batt [Caramel].

Thank you for your wonderful customer service!”
-Sandy McQueen, Indiana

Precious Needle Felted Mommy Hearts

Needle Felted Mommy Hearts by Jessie Dockins featured on

Jessie is stealing our hearts this week with her precious MOMMY HEARTS!

“I just wanted to share a pic of the little mommy hearts I’ve been making with your MC-1 batts. I came up with the idea when my 2 year old son was having a tough time adjusting to daycare. I needle felted him a wool heart & told him it was “my” heart & love. I felted little hearts onto it to represent him, his brother, & Daddy. He adores it, carries it everywhere, & calls it his “mommy heart”.

Needle Felted Mommy Hearts by Jessie Dockins featured on

His teachers have all commented about how much comfort it brings him throughout the day. He even wanted to hold it at the doctor’s office (and I was standing right there!). Needless to say, I’m addicted to making them!”

Needle Felted Milk Drop Hearts by Jessie Dockins featured on

Now she is also making “milk drops” a keepsake to commemorate mommy and baby’s nursing journey. She says moms and little ones are really enjoying them, and she has a dedicated fb page for them ๐Ÿ™‚

– Jessie Dockins, Missouri
see more on facebook: mommy hearts

Cute Needle Felted Flower Baby Rattle

Needle Felted Flower Baby Rattle by Mel Morales featured on

We love this happy flower made by Mel Morales! As she wants it to be a baby rattle, she shared that she will switch out the glass eyes for ones that are baby safe ๐Ÿ™‚

“I used Living Felt’s MC-1 batt in Coral Reef for the petals, and Chickie for the center. I also used 7mm black glass eyes (first time using those…LOVE!) and the 36 Triangle, 38 Star, and 42 Triangle needles from Living Felt…everything worked exactly how I needed it to! I hid a cat toy in the middle to make it jingle ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for all of your wonderful resources!”

Mel Morales
Nashville, TN

WALDORF FELTED MOBILE by Marcela at Magic Wool on etsy. Featured on the Living Felt Blog.

Felted Waldorf Inspired Treasures

WALDORF FELTED MOBILE by Marcela at Magic Wool on etsy. Featured on the Living Felt Blog.

Marcela of Montreal, Quebec Canada creates a delightful array
of unique and creative toys and mobiles in the Waldorf Style.

She shares that most of her work comes from the fairy tale world and she,
“… discovered the magic of wool in 2005, when my oldest daughter joined the Waldorf kindergarten
at Cuernavaca city, in Mexico. I have incorporated this material to my creative work,
inspired by a Waldorf approach to childhood.”




Marcela’s delightful style has aย sweet sense of “play” and “wonder” that you can feel
in every piece. She has done a wonderful job in capturing angles with her felted mobiles
that make the scene feel very alive and gently active.




You can see more Waldorf inspired needle feltings by Marcela in her etsy shop: