Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Red Crested Cardinal

Red Crested Cardinal by Diana Matusik Densmore featured on

Red Crested Cardinal, Diana Matusik Densmore

“In 2012, my mom and stepfather married in Hawaii … there was one moment where we were sitting outside at a restaurant, and one of these little goofballs bounced up to us, cocked its head, and just gave us the most endearing little look. We had a good laugh from that character, considering we were also watching roosters chase each other up and down the adjacent golf course. Little dinosaurs, they are … It’s a sort of ‘stylized realism,’ a combo of realistic design and cartoon-ish simplicity”

wire armature, core wool, MC-1 Batting, NZ Corriedale in crest

Diana Matusik Densmore, Florida
facebook: framedandfelted

Exhibit: BIRDS OF A FEATHER ~ Fly South for the Winter

Felted Birds of a Feather Exhibit featured on

We are so thrilled to bring you an amazing exhibit of felted feathered friends by members of our community and felting family. This week and next, we will be sharing wonderful felted birds in the newsletter, blog, instagram, facebook, and in our live broadcast Wooly Wednesday.

These felted works of art are all on display at Living Felt through the end of February. Some are for sale, please contact the artist directly to inquire about these works, or commissions. Those with a web presence are listed by their name.

Happy Holidays to Our Felting Family!

Felted Gnome by Marie Spaulding featured on

Thank you so much for being part of our felting family! Whether you’ve been with us for years, or have just joined the fun, we are so glad to know you and we are grateful to be of service to your creative spirit, and the love you share through your art and craft!

With Love,
Marie, Rodney & The Living Felt Crew

Realistic Needle Felted Beaver

Wildly Realistic Needle Felted Beaver


Realistic Needle Felted Beaver

Erin Carlson of Pittsburgh, PA is the artist responsible for this wildly realistic needle felted beaver!
He stands 9″ tall from toes to the top of his head. 
Erin shares that she is grateful he was requested as a commission
because she never would have thought to make this on her own.


She felted him over armature using core wool, Living Felt MC-1 Batts in Dark Chocolate and fibers she dyed herself.
Erin felts a great variety of critters from birds to butterflies, foxes, dogs and more! You might recall that we shared her
beautiful barn owl a while back also see that gorgeous creature on our blog.

If you are in Pennsylvania, you may get to shop her at one of many events or even take a workshop.

needle felted cardinal mc-1 wool batts

Needle felted with Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts in Watermelon, True Red, and Black Onyx.

Visit & LIKE Erin on facebook

and see even more, more, more from her on her website, including some great “work in progress” pics! 🙂