Felted Child’s Outfit in Ocean – Sea Theme

Felted Child's Outfit in Ocean Sea Theme by Ekaterina Tasminskaâ

Felted Child Outfit Hat and Cape in Ocean Sea Theme by Ekaterina Tasminskaâ

This absolutely exquisite child’s outfit including a felted hat and a felted cape
in an ocean-sea theme was created by Ekaterina Tasminskaâ in Moscow, Russia.

Her work is breathtaking, and can be seen on the Russian Master’s site (similar to our etsy).


Felted Cat Cape by Melissa Jones Detail

Stunning Felted Cat Cape is a Beautiful Work of Wearable Art!

Felted Cat Cape by Melissa Jones Detail

Melissa Jones used both wet felting and needle felting to create this truly incredible “Cat Cape”. She considers this her “first real felting project” and says she has “learned quite a bit in the process, even going back and redoing parts as I learned more tricks.”

The detail and composition is just incredible. The inspiration began with what she thought would be a “simple project to save a moth eaten cape“, but after seeing that the article was too damaged to be rescued, she used the original cape for the pattern. Then she adds, “the design just kept growing

Felted Cat Cape by Melissa Jones detail

Melissa shares, “This is the cape section of a woman’s Inverness cape…a sleeveless jacket with a cape attached…often worn by Scottish pipers to give them more freedom of arm movement..or so I’m told. I used commercial felt for the base because it was what I had on hand. It will fall just above my knees once finished. Size M/L.  The buttoned front will have pockets and a few simple flowers on the bottom edges and if I can figure out the design, the 6″ wide circular collar will have a sleeping cat wrapped around the shoulders. The cape will not wrap completely around the front, but just past the front of the shoulders.”

Felted Cat Cape by Melissa Jones detail

This project took Melissa approximately three weeks “working every spare minute” on the needle felting of the design. The garment is almost complete with some final wet felting to finish it off.

Melissa says, “Since I had a lot of felt left over, I started experimenting with more felt ‘painting’ and 3D animals, and am now completely addicted to felting!”

Felted Cat Cape by Melissa Jones Detail

We find this to be a very impressive outcome for her “first” real felting project…keep going, Melissa!
…and keep having fun while following that brilliant and inspired artist within! 🙂