Happy Little Felted Sunflower Fairy

Felted Sunflower Fairy by Carol Krajnick featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

A very happy little fellow, he would brighten anyone’s day!

“I just finished up this Sunflower Fairy. It was difficult to photograph. There is more depth of color than is showing up here. I loved the MC-1 Chestnut for the face, perfect shade of brown!”

– Carol Krajnick, Wisconsin

Delightful Felted Fairy Painting

Needle Felted Fairy Painting by Anna Repke featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What a delightful little fairy, and so well done!

What can say spring better than a fairy? I had a fairy calendar of Cicley Mary Barker’s fairies and just had to give it a go!! I wet felted the base tapestry with just a few wisps of color, then needle felted all the details. Phew!

– Anna Repke, Illinois

Needle Felted Fairy Garden

Needle Felted Fairy Garden by Kimberly Czar featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

“As mother earth awakens this spring I find I am inspired by all the little things that are starting to grow. have done some hanging toadstool ornaments before but thought it would be fun to put a few together in a garden. I used all merino cross batts as I find the shorter fibers easier to work with when making smaller items.

I started with an unfinished 2 1/2″ wooden bowl. I stained it dark and then painted with white acrylic over that and sanded it to get a more aged, earthy feel. I felted a thick, tight base of wool and glued it to the inside of the bowl, and then built everything on top of that base.

I used a similar technique for the snail, gluing some densely felted wool to the inside of the shell and using the loose ends to attach the shell to the snail’s felted body. on the VERY narrow bits – like the snail’s eye tentacles, I employed a bit of wet felting technique after getting them as tight as I could with my needle I dampened them with warm, soapy water and rolled them between my fingers, compressing them as much as possible, and then doing the same with a towel, leaving some loose ends to attach to the head once they were dry.

I used my 42 triangle needle almost exclusively on this and find that the right needle makes a big difference when working on small details.”

– Kimberly Czar, Massachusetts
on etsy: czardesign

Needle Felted Fairy Garden

Needle Felted Fairy Garden by Marie Spaulding featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

This fairy garden was needle felted by LF founder Marie Spaulding. The base of the toadstool is CW-1 Core Wool, and was needle felted around a cut length of our Earth Harmony Foam… so the very center is hollow but the stem is thick.

The top was initially shaped by needle felting a circle on our Hat Brim Foam Form with final shaping done after being placed on the stem. The toadstool cap is MC-1 Blueberry, while colors of the grass are MC-1 Felting Batts in various greens top of a cut PF-X prefelt, but core wool could also be used. The stones are MC-1 Storm.

Texture and color in the foliage was created primarily with our Dyed Sheep’s Locks, plus inclusion of some hand-dyed silk hankies for added sheen.

This project was made purely for fun, decoration and relaxation. No fairies have been invited to live in it yet…but some have visited nonetheless 🙂

Rich and Beautiful Greeting Cards from Hand Made Felt

Hand Made Felt by Lizzie Tucker on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Lizzie Tucker is a long time mosaic artist who discovered felting. She makes wonderful works of felted art and then
uses the images on her greeting cards.

Hand Made Felt by Lizzie Tucker on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We love how she accentuates and rather abstract cluster of flowers with machine stitching.
Hand embroidery works well on this type of project also.

Hand Made Felt by Lizzie Tucker on www.livingfelt.com/blog
A sweet fairy in the garden … a felted work of art becomes a card you can share many times over.

NC-LIZZIE-TUCKER-CARD4 Hand Made Felt by Lizzie Tucker on www.livingfelt.com/blog

A wonderful use of ribbons, novelty yarns and beads accentuates this felted picture.

See More and buy from her etsy shop:

A Beautiful & Gentle Needle Felted Dwarf!

Needle Felted Dwarf by Monica Slavici of Gandalf's Beard on www.livingfelt.com/blog

by Monica Slavici

Monica Slavici of Gandalf’s Beard in Switzerland is another artist who inspires us greatly! This week we shared her latest creation on our fb page.

“Marukh is a gentle soul,he is coming from the Swiss mountains
and loves people’s company. He likes to travel the most and make new frinends between
other Dwarfes. I sure hope he will open some doors for us…”

– Monica Slavici, Zurich Switzerland

Follow her on Facebook:  Gandalf’s Beard

Visit her Etsy Shop: Gandalf’s Beard

Needle Felted Gnome is a Work of Art

Silke-Sordyl-Sencha Needle Felted Gnome on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Silke Sordyl is a brilliant artist! For Felted Fairy- Fantasy week  she shared a very special character on our facebook page!

“Sencha is the chronicler of the Gieblings people . Sindri and Vila are two brave Gnomes
who set off into the Berberette land to assist the dragon Eldritch on a big adventure.
Sencha is writing down everything he is being told about the adventures.
The Gieblings want to record their adventures for their posterity.”

– Silke Sordyl, IL

Visit her etsy shop: Fairy Felt by SiSo