Incredible Felted Fire-Breathing Dragon!

Fire Breathing Dragon by Wendy Kamai featured on

Wendy really puts her all into her projects and it shows it the detail of her work! This dragon is beautifully sculpted in every way.

“This dragon took me a little over a month to complete. He’s about 20″ long from nose to tip of tail, and about 15” high to tip of wings. He has a wire armature, and core wool for shaping. I used red grapefruit for the body and wings, cotton white for the chest and underside, and a small amount of black for the claws and tips of the wings. The fire is a mixture of yellow, red, orange and a tiny bit of blue. I had fun creating this piece. Thank you for being so inspiring.”

– Wendy Kamai, HI

Needle Felted Fairy Garden

Needle Felted Fairy Garden by Marie Spaulding featured on

This fairy garden was needle felted by LF founder Marie Spaulding. The base of the toadstool is CW-1 Core Wool, and was needle felted around a cut length of our Earth Harmony Foam… so the very center is hollow but the stem is thick.

The top was initially shaped by needle felting a circle on our Hat Brim Foam Form with final shaping done after being placed on the stem. The toadstool cap is MC-1 Blueberry, while colors of the grass are MC-1 Felting Batts in various greens top of a cut PF-X prefelt, but core wool could also be used. The stones are MC-1 Storm.

Texture and color in the foliage was created primarily with our Dyed Sheep’s Locks, plus inclusion of some hand-dyed silk hankies for added sheen.

This project was made purely for fun, decoration and relaxation. No fairies have been invited to live in it yet…but some have visited nonetheless 🙂

Irresistible Needle Felted Gnome and Wet Felted Gnome Pod

Gnome and Gnome Home by Erin Whalen featured on

Erin shares that her gnome core is made from MC-1. The hair and beard are created from raw locks from my friend’s sheep. The pod was wet felted using 3 layers of MC-1 batting, with the outer layer in the color Oatmeal.

“The ‘gnome pod’ is created using the exact same method described in the Living Felt Cat Cave tutorial except that I used a very small template! When not serving as a gnome home, it will be used to hold our business cards at fiber art shows.”

Kind Regards,
Erin Whalen, La Grange, WI

The cat cave tutorial is available via print or download, and we also have a free video for making a small vessel that takes you step by step!

Needle Felted Gargoyle is a Work of Art!

Needle Felted Gargoyle by Cherie Davidson featured on

Cherie Davidson really got our attention this week with her incredible needle felted gargoyle! She felted him out of love as a gift for her brother.

“I started this gargoyle as a gift for my brother, as a Christmas present. I didn’t get it detailed by then, so I wrapped it, and as soon as he opened it, I snatched it back and said, “he’s not finished yet! You’ll get him back as soon as he’s what I envision him” and I worked on him until the end of March! LOL My poor brother. But when he saw him, he named him “Brutus” and said he was worth the wait. (That was a great feeling!)”

Needle Felted Gargoyle by Cherie Davidson featured on

“Brutus is my largest piece, and when he was first started, he was only my third project in needle felting (and ended up being my fifth piece when finished). He’s the size of a house cat, and at his very body core he has a little (doll making) polyfil (for economy, and I was still learning at that point), but then he’s built up with Living Felt core wool, and his wonderful stone color is Living Felt’s MC-1 Cross Batt in Storm Gray. He’s detailed in black MC-1. I did use some armature wire in his paws/claws to help form the toes/talons, and I felted a pipe cleaner up the inside edge of each wing for a little support, but otherwise, he’s all fiber. I used a single 40t needle for most of him, but did occasionally use the Clover 3-needle pen to help with surface smoothing and some large surface areas.

He was a pure joy to create, and I learned a great deal about the feel of wool and the way a needle sculpts wool fibers from this little guy, and I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out!”

Thank you! – Cherie Davidson

You can see more from Cherie online at:

OOAK Felted Fuzzy Pets!

Felted Fuzzy Pets by Gail Ford on

We remember one of Gail’s first needle felts from 2010, it was a darling baby mobile. We love seeing her felting now 5years later! She used CW-1 Core Wool and MC-1 Felting Batts + Sculpey!

“I was inspired because my daughter has a anime convention coming up where she sells her crochet crafts. I make felted creatures to sell there with her…It keeps me busy wile she is off having fun.this is the first one like this I’ve tried. Normally I only use felt, but I thought it would be fun to combine sculpey with it.”

– Gail Ford, Eliot, Maine


Needle Felted “Bottom” from Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Needle Felted Character Doll by Joyce Hazlerig  on

Joyce Hazlerig of Smithville, TX shared this beautiful piece on ourfb page. We have seen it in person and he is brilliant!

“Bottom from Midsummer Night’s Dream. His tunic was needle felted from MC-1… and his donkey face from dark Chocolate
and various grays and his fairy throne is covered with mohair locks as flower garlands.”

Follow Joyce on facebook:  Gypsyharte Arts

Needle Felted Gnome is a Work of Art

Silke-Sordyl-Sencha Needle Felted Gnome on

Silke Sordyl is a brilliant artist! For Felted Fairy- Fantasy week  she shared a very special character on our facebook page!

“Sencha is the chronicler of the Gieblings people . Sindri and Vila are two brave Gnomes
who set off into the Berberette land to assist the dragon Eldritch on a big adventure.
Sencha is writing down everything he is being told about the adventures.
The Gieblings want to record their adventures for their posterity.”

– Silke Sordyl, IL

Visit her etsy shop: Fairy Felt by SiSo