Wooly Wednesday Felt-A-Long

Wooly Wednesday
@ 2pm Central Time

Last week:

We had a felt-a-long!

Setting up your wet felting station featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

In a brief “pre-show” video, Marie showed how to set up your wet felting station, and how to lay out the “base” layer with two thin layers of Merino Top.

Felting with canes and beads featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

For the felt-a-long, we demonstrated felting with the canes and beads made during earlier episodes, we worked with pre-felts, silk fabrics, sari silk waste, and resist materials for interesting effects.

Felting test pieces featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Making small test pieces like this is a great way to learn and explore!

You can watch last week’s full episode
in our facebook group:

Preshow set up videoPreshow set up video

Wooly Wednesday 06-06-2018

June 13 – no broadcast
June 20 – Show-n-tells + Q&A

*if you are interested in more felting demos, for both needle felting and wet felting, be sure to join us June 20th at 2pm Central!!

Catch it live on Living Felt Friends

New Goodies: Dreamy Short Fiber Merino Batts

Short Fiber Merino Batts featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Some of our friends have been requesting we carry these for a while…and here they are! These very fine Merino batts are approximately 19 microns and wet felt very quickly to a tight finish. *available in 4oz increments

Short Fiber Merino Batts featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We find them especially suitable for beads, jewelry, sculptural elements, vessels and even hats. If they are to be used on items that will be handled a great deal, we suggest it be something you can hard felt, otherwise softly felted items from these short fibers would have a higher tendency to pill.

Shop the Short Fiber Merino Batts here.

Felted Necklace — A Perfect Gift!

A lovely woodland felt necklace by Helen Wilby, Carmel Valley, CA

My peace felt partner is from Michigan so I made her this necklace. I made it of merino wool in woodland colors since I think of woods when I think of Michigan, and I love the peacefulness of all the trees growing when you walk through the woods.

In between the felt beads are little stones of Kambaba jasper which is supposed to soothe nerves and ease the wearer’s mental state. It is believed to bring balance and relaxation, and like all jaspers, it is a stone of protection and grounding.
It was made with love – so when it is worn it should feel like a hug from the universe.


This is a wonderful and elegant felt necklace by Tatiana of Latvia.

 “I’ve been needle felting for about two years and the more I do the more I like it :). I love receiving positive feedback from my Etsy customers, it is very motivational and inspiring to see that my creations can be found all over the world. I hope that someday, I will have time for larger and more demanding projects and will be able to hold my own exhibition.

See More from Tatiana


Cecilia Ho designed this felt bead “bib” style necklace as her first wet felted adventure, and now she makes new ones as one-of-a-kind creations. This design ranked 11 worldwide out of 1138 WOOL LOOKs at the AWI Woolmark Company of Australia’s Find “Fashion By Feelings” competition at the end! (http://www.fashionbyfeelings.com/?source=fb&look=416#/look/416)

See More from Cecilia

Wet Felting: Lovely Millefiori Beads by Georgina Phillips

We love these felt beads made by Georgina, they look perfectly symmetrical and very
well felted. We’d love to see your holiday themed beads as well! Send us a pic!

“This fall I have been making felt beads, quite a lot of them.
I wanted to use the same technique as I do for making polymer clay
beads – the millefiori cane technique. After a lot of hard work and with
the help of your mesh fabric that kept all the fibre beautifully in place,
I’ve made some great wet felted flower beads!”

Kind regards,
Georgina  — Cornwall, UK