Galahad Fan Art Sculpture

Felt Galahad Sculpture by Sasha Blaschka featured on

Fan Art in Felt…You just gotta love it! Sasha really did this character justice!

“Galahad is an enchanted suit of armor and main character of the “Galahad & The Far Off Horizon” comic anthology, created by Hansel Moreno & Julian Adkins. This sculpture is made of wire, wool (mostly Living Felt’s MC-1 Batt in Carnival!), and polymer clay (with a pinch o’ magic, shh)! Capturing the proportions of this character was a fun challenge; I learned a lot from this project!”

– Sasha Blaschka, Texas

Spectacular Felted Monkey Sculpture

Felted Monkey Sculpture by Megan Nedds featured on

Megan Nedds shared her most recent and quite spectacular sculpture in our facebook group. It is so fun for us to have seen the inspiration images, help select colors and now see the finished work!

Felted Monkey Sculpture by Megan Nedds featured on

“Cece the White-Fronted Capuchin is finally finished! She is life-sized, with a head and body length of 13 inches, and a height of 13 inches from her hands to the top of her head. She has hand painted glass eyes, and polymer clay fingernails. She took approximately 100 hours to complete. I used many Living Felt merino top colors, Sand Dollar, Mushroom, Mocha, Oak, Milk Chocolate and Bitter Chocolate.”

– Megan Nedds
fb and etsy: The Woolen Wagon

Felted Monkey Sculpture by Megan Nedds featured on

Impressive Felted Jerry Garcia Sculpture

Needle Felted Jerry Garcia Sculpture by Nori Bucci featured on

This sculpture has exceptional detail AND personality! The use of clay on the guitar was spot on, and read how she made the glasses!

“Here is my first sculpture of a person..Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead!

It was inspired by my brother, who is a huge Greatful Dead fan, and he urged me to create this for his fan club. I used 12G Armature Wire, CW-1 Core Wool, MC-1 batts in the colors ‘Fleshtone’ [ Now Sand], ‘Linen‘, ‘Bonsai‘, ‘Black Onyx‘, and ‘Willow‘, Lincoln Natural Locks in Lamb Gray, 4mm brown glass eyes, 20G Gun Metal Gray craft wire for glasses, and Premo clay in brown, black, ecru and silver for the guitar. I also used some brown ribbon for the guitar strap.

I taught myself a great way to make eye glasses. I used a dowel to wrap the wire around and then just bent the sides to form the arms. They turned out just right and I only used a small, single piece of craft wire. This was sooooooo much fun to make!!!

My plan is to make Frankenstein next, and I just ordered more supplies for him!

Thanks for your fantastic store and products!”

Nori Bucci, New York
More of Nori’s work at

The Wacky & Original Creations of Kristy Zgoda

needle felted and polymer doll miss peeps and lambie  by Kristy Zgoda


 Kristy Zgoda began felting sometime in 2013 when her good friend, Sandy Edwards, phoned her in the Spring of that year sharing that she had just started felting. Sandy encouraged Kristy to “to take the plunge!”

Kristy has a bit of a logistical challenge in that her husband is allergic to the wool – so she actually felts outside of the house.
But he is supportive and helped her get her etsy site up and running.

When asked what she enjoys most about felting, Kristy exclaims, “How about EVERYTHING!? The smell, texture, colors.
I’m a sculptor by trade and the wool is just so versatile and forgiving. Plus, I adore soft dolls and mixed media.
Adding the skinny polymer clay legs to the dolls just pulled everything together perfectly!


We always love to learn where artists get their inspiration…and what fun to hear Kristy’s response!
“Whacky humans are my inspiration. I have always been very shy and more of a people watcher than a “‘joiner’. …and thank goodness for Wal~Mart! There is a never ending parade of ‘free spirits’ a.ka.a kooks in and out of their doors 24/7. I watch in fascinations, many times having to be reminded by my husband to close my mouth and keep shopping! I always imagine what their stories are, too….so now, each of my dolls have their own stories that grow as I sculpt them.”  

Kristy began her artistic pursuits in fine arts…portraiture of people and their pets…she prefers illustrating to painting and says that sculpting has always came easiest to her. In 1992 Kristy designed a line of dog themed jewelry and that has been her main focus for quite some time.
“The dolls are something new for me…and so far my absolute favorite thing to play with.”

What encouraging words does Kristy have for others just getting started?
“Jump in, the water’s fine! It’s an easy and affordable hobby.
No chemicals and it’s ‘older-kid-friendly’i.e. needles are very sharp….and there are easy to follow videos on line.
You don’t need much to get started and can make wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts.
My 3 boys were never interested in art and when the youngest saw my dolls he sat down and made a great Santa ornament in an hour.”

You can see more of Kristy’s creations on etsy:

Kristy is using Living Felt MC-1 Felting batts on her dolls.