Fabulous Felted Horse

Felted Horse Painting by Heather Yerkey featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog.

This pieces is just fabulous! We love the use of color in the shading.

“This is a commission I recently completed. It was a challenge. The client wanted a white horse with a sky and cloud background. The difficulty came in while trying to make sure it was obvious the horse was white while not blending into the clouds! Also it’s not a huge piece so those tiny details and curves , especially of the legs were really hard to get!!”

– Heather Yerkey, Wisconsin

Awesome Felt Wall Hanging

Felted Piece by Tanya Cisneros-Conreaux featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog
This awesome piece showed up in our fb group and we all fell in love! I had to scroll back up to see who made it…turns out, it is our newest Living Felt Fairy – Tanya! She has been with us a few months and picked up needle felting…isn’t this beautiful?!

“My 1st finished piece! Felted on 8×12 100% wool felt. It may end up in a frame or a little clutch purse… not sure.”

– Tanya Cisneros-Conreaux, Texas

Gorgeous Felted Giraffe

Felted Giraffe by Barb Sackel featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Check out this animated and gorgeous giraffe!

“Just finished my giraffe. I used to many many colors and I finger blended many of them for the texture. I also worked upside down from the reference pictures on some of tough spots. Used three different reference pictures. This was so much fun.”

– Barb Sackel, New York

Lovely Needle Felted Wall Hanging

Needle Felted Wall Hanging by Carolyn Powers featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What a lovely felted scene, lots of texture, an organic feel and top stitching for added detail!

“My Indiana Prairie wet felt and needle felt wall hanging. I used dried Ironweed stems for hanging. It is my third attempt and what would I do without Living Felt tutorials?”

– Carolyn Powers, Indiana

Felted Wall Hanging: Tree Trees

Felted Wallhanging Three Trees by Coyote Rim Studios and Featured on www.LivingFelt.com/blog
Three Trees wall hanging using wet felting techniques for the background and needle felting for adding detail to the tree and leaves.

It measures 16″ x 46″, including the hanging tabs.

“I’m a lover of aspen trees. My first ‘felted tapestry’ was a commissioned piece quite large and a little daunting. The end result was stunning, so I continue to experiment with the process resulting in more ‘tapestry work with the aspen theme.”

You can see this and more in her etsy shop:

Needle and Wet Felted Wall Hanging

Felt-Get-a-Way at the Cabin

Needle and Wet Felted Wall Hanging
Sue Potter of British Columbia, Canada has been vacationing at her cabin — and look what she’s been up to! This lovely little wallhanging paints a very sweet and inviting scene, needle felted and wet felted. The detail in the trees, and the reflection of the mountains in the lake are just magnificent.

Needle and Wet Felted Wall Hanging

A lovely hillside with pine trees. Notice how well she captured the closeups and the distant images — just wonderful!

Needle and Wet Felted Wall Hanging

Fairy near the water with a gorgeous sky, are those orbs above the fairy? They look light and wonderful.

Fairies at night, what a wonderfully captured scene and a great night sky!