Felted Owl Cape by Maggie Nutting on www.LivingFelt.com/blog

Felted Owl Cape with a Wonderful Story!

Felted Owl Cape by Maggie Nutting on www.LivingFelt.com/blogA wish, some clay sculptures, wool, and creativity connect 4 generations.

This incredible owl cape has quite a story!

“My mother was the initial inspiration for the Owl Cape,
along with the fact that my daughter loves the barn owl.

My mother passed last year due to aggressive lung cancer;
before she left us, she requested that I create something with the
“Clay Owl eyes and beak” she’d had for some twenty plus years.

She said, “I know you will make something special out of these”.


I was to make something for my eldest daughter, Kat,
as she lives in Ontario and we live in British Columbia about 3,000 miles away.
Kat, my daughter, was not able to make it out to see her Grand-mother (my mom)
before she passed; my mother wanted to leave her something really special.

Felted Owl Cape by Maggie Nutting on www.LivingFelt.com/blog

I purchased most of the wool to make this cape from Living Felt.
I love the large pre-felt piece. It made shaping the wings
and hood a simpler task.I needle felted the piece first
and then completed it with wet felt technique.

The person that is modelling the Owl cape is my Grand-daugher, Juliette…


Felted Owl Cape by Maggie Nutting on www.LivingFelt.com/blog

Felted Owl Cape by Maggie Nutting on www.LivingFelt.com/blog

I have attached photos of what the cape looked like whilst I was working on it.
I will be making more of these kinds of Totem Wear
here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and hopefully
starting my web page this coming week.

(We will post Maggie’s website when she makes it available!)

Beautiful needle felted bird by Jackie Felix on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Incredibly Realistic Felted Bird – American Wood Thrush

Needle Felted Bird - So Realistic, by Jackie Felix on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Needle Felted Bird – American Wood Thrush

“Jackie Felix needle felted this beautiful bird, an American Wood Thrush as part of a larger work in progress.
She shares that she originally intended to make two felted birds for the piece, but needle felting and finishing the wings took longer than anticipated. She used Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts in the making of this beauty, and shares more about her process.


The body of this bird was created wingless.

The wings were formed separately with individual feathers assembled one by one to resemble a wing. 

The wings were then [needle] felted to the birds’ body with a fine strip of batting, that was used not only to attach the feathers together, but also to adhere the wings in place.

Feathers, all needle felted, were ironed repeatedly with heavy pressure applied between two sheets of parchment paper to achieve an extremely thin appearance.

Trimming loose fibers continually with a good pair of manicure scissors, in addition to working the felt rather firmly, permitted me to achieve greater detail in all aspects of the piece from feathers to beak.

This was a slow process and did require some time, patience and experience, however it does become easier with practice.

Referring to bird pictures often and paying particular attention to measurements helped me keep this replica true to size and shape.

The legs and feet, are formed over a fine wire armature inserted through the lower part of the body and then simply felted in place.”

Felted Painting Dog Jack Russell by Fiona Gill of Marmelade Rose

Captivating Felted Paintings!

 Felted Painting Dog Jack Russell by Fiona Gill of Marmelade Rose

Fiona Gill of Marmelade Rose shared a felted painting of a little Jack Russell and one of a Robin, both on our  facebook page.
She is indeed talented! She sells her work Cherrydidi in Keswick and Chapel Gallery in Hawes, both have websites.
She will also be exhibiting at Art in the Pen at both Carlisle and Skipton, Yarndale at Skipton and Staithes Festival of Art.

Felted Painting of Robin Bird by Fiona Gill of Marmelade Rose

On her facebook she also offers reprints of her felt paintings as greeting cards
— a lovely way to have and share this wonderful art!

Marmelade Rose on facebook

Illustrations Brought to Life With Needle Felting

Rene Kurrilla is an illustrator who is falling in love with felting.

“I’m typically an illustrator, so I am new to felting, but I immediately fell in love. I work at a company named FableVision, and the staff had an art show (each year the staff puts together an art show that showcases our talents outside the studio environment)…my submission for the show is a needle felted owl! “

Visit Rene at


Adorable Gift for Him

We love this little felted rubber ducky!

“This is specially created for my US client’s older brother who was turning 40. He is a duck collector. My client wanted to surprise his brother with a rubber duck like woolen sculpture. With felting, I was able to add the school tie he used to wear in the exact color pattern as requested. With the initial & age marking at the bottom, this became a memorable piece that can be treasured forever. Plus, I included a wooden base with water like wool inside to act like a pond allowing the duck to ‘swim.'”

-Cecilia Ho


Cecilia used 100% Merino wool & Clover pen-style felting tool

Masquerade and Pony Show! Felting Projects from Susan Nolte!


Felted Bird Mask

Felted Bird Mask

Needle Felted Horse

Needle Felted Horse


These fun pieces were felted by Susan Nolte of Portland, OR.  I love the colors you choice for each, Susan! The mask is made from NZ Corriedale Turquoise, Marigold and Lemon. The Horse is NZ Corriedale Eggplant, Nutmeg, Raspberry , and White. Gorgeous! And I’d love to hear if you made the mask for a specific event. . . Who got to show it off?

“[The mask is] my second needle felting project. [A]  sort of bird head felted over a light weight wire frame made from an old fireplace screen. Waiting for more supplies!”

Susan Nolte ~ Portalnd, OR