3 Fun Famous Felted Characters

Felted Chesire Cat by Melissa Hoover featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What a bright little tribute to Alice in Wonderland!

“Here’s a little Cheshire Cat inspired by the illustration from the Peck Aubry Alice paper doll set. He’s 3 1/2″ long and 2 1/2″ high. He was mainly worked from core wool, then striped with roving. I used a reversible needle to gently, quickly pull bits along the stripes to smooth over for a more natural look.”

Melissa Hoover, California

Felted Snoopy Picture by Tracie Zody featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Doesn’t this bring back memories?

Tracie Zody shared her wonderful little felted picture of Snoopy in our group and pronounced it “done” 🙂

– Tracie Zody, North Dakota

Felted Falkor Luck Dragon by Jenny Marion featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Falkor looks so dazzling with all those beads!

“For character/ fan art, here is Falkor the luck dragon from The Neverending Story. I made this a year ago using bright white merino cross batts and a lot of beads and pearls.”

– Jenny Marion, Hawaii

Sweet Felted Dragon-flies

Felted Dragonflies by Kiersten Violette featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What an original and darling idea! Kiersten has a very sweet style and uses a lot of MC-1 Batts in her Friendly Feltees creations.

“This is my latest of little creatures I make called “Dragon-flies”. I’ve been dieing to do a purple one. He turned out about how I was hoping.”

Kiersten Violette, North Carolina
facebook: Friendly Feltees

It's the Year of the Dragon!

Nancy Skakel was commissioned to create this dragon as a thank you gift.

Nancy tells us, “The recipients host an annual American Indian flute festival, and are enamored of Oriental art.”

The dragon is about 7″ tall. He is holding a real piece of bamboo. Nancy used Corriedale core wool, merino cross batts, wire armature, silver wire claws, and a bamboo flute.

This is another of Nancy’s recent dragons.

“I used corriedale core over a wire frame and merino tops for color.  He is about 10″ tall.  I made this as a gift for a friend on his retirement from medical practice.”

I had fun making details on the globe – mountain ranges and rivers on each of the continents.

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