Fun Needle Felted Beehive Hat

Needle Felted Beehive Hat by Melanie C. featured on

Talk about thinking outside the box! This hat Rocks!

“I am bringing the 60’s back with my “beehive” hat!! :). It’s made from Living Felt core, the needle felting hat kit deluxe in summer and flowers, the 4 needle tool, a little bit of butterscotch Merino, and lots of flowers I had in my stock. The bees came from a get well bouquet of flowers I received from a work friend after my recent hip surgery. Does this scream Spring or what? :)”

– Melanie C., Pennsylvania

Needle Felted Hat by Evelyn Pinney

Felted Hat is Dreamy and Down to Earth

We LOVE this felted hat by Evelyn Pinney in Colorado! She used our hat form and brim for needle felting and finish with wet felting. Just gorgeous!Needle Felted Hat by Evelyn Pinney

“…my first wide brim hat with wet-felted hatband, using the Living Felt hat shape and supplies”

– Evelyn Pinney, Colorado

Judi Francis Felt Hats on

Felted Hats and Scarves are Dreamy to Wear!

Judi-Francis-Hat-BlackPolka Judi-Francis-FeltHatScarf

Judi Francis of Felting With a Point has become quite adept at felting hat and scarf combos. She needle felts over our Earth Harmony Hat Forms and wet felts them to finish.

Details are often added with needle felting and hand stitching. This lovely duo is MC-1 Mahogany with Merino Top Mojave.
Visit: Felting With a Point

Stormy Kirk Felted Hat Scarf on

Stormy Kirk, also in California, loves using our hat forms as well!
This ensemble is made with Alpaca fiber from her ranch.

“Jade Jewel Hat and Scarf made from 100% Alpaca Fiber from our farm.
Needles , forms and instructions from Living Felt.

Thank you Living Felt for supplying quality tools.”

– Stormy Kirk, California

Wet felted hats over gertie ball

Felting With Friends- Wet Felted Hats

Wet felted hats over gertie ball

For their fun girls getaway, these women decided to make some wet felted hats! Suzy Whitney taught her friends how to wet felt a hat on a gertie ball– what a fun weekend idea!

They look like they had a lot of fun- hats make a great holiday gift. ūüôā

If you would like to make your own felted hat, try out our Living Felt needle felting a hat kit.

Wet Felted White and Autumn Flowers Hat

Emma Speer’s Wonderful Wet Felted Hat

Wet Felted White and Autumn Flowers Hat

This beautiful hat was wet felted by 13 year-old Emma Speer of Cedar Vale, Kansas!

Emma belongs to the Cedar Vale Go-Getters 4-H Club and she made this hat for her fiber arts project. She will be entering this hat into the county fair this month. Good Luck, Emma! We are sure the judges will love your unique creation!

Emma felted this hat using Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool, Gertie Ball, Olive Oil Soap and Bamboo Mat. Good luck in your fair!

09/18/13: Emma’s Mom,¬† Freda, shared, Emma received a “Grand Champion Ribbon” on her hat at the county fair. She then took the hat to the Kansas State Fair where she won the “Wool Award” from the Kansas Sheep and Wool Auxiliary for Fiber Arts. She makes her mommy proud!”

Felted Red Hats by Therese Strew

Needle Felted Red Hat

These vibrant red hats are from the series “Red Hats” by Californian Therese Strew! Aren’t they lovely?!


Needle Felted Red Hat

 The hats are needle felted using Living Felt Needle Felting Hat Forms with Brim and needles.

Needle Felted Red Hat


 To recreate this look we suggest Merino Cross Batt in True Red and any accent of your choice!

Thank you Therese Strew for sharing your wonderful creations! We look forward to many more! ūüôā



Needle and Wet Felted Hat

Needle and Wet Felted Hat by Miriam


Needle and Wet Felted Hat

We love this needle and wet felted hat by Miriam Rosenblatt! She made this from the Living Felt Needle Felting a Hat Kit and used the Child Size Hat Form

“I finally finished the hat …¬† Making the hat was easy, it just took a long while for me to get around to felting it.¬† Here are some pictures of the blocking in progress and the final result.

(the weather is constantly gray here in the winter, so apologies for the lighting).¬† The main color is blue violet [Living Felt MC-1 Indigo]¬†and is trimmed in red-violet. [Living Felt MC-1 Red Indigo]”¬†

Blocking a wet felted hat

Well, I’m past the fear of felting phase.¬† I would tell people to just do it — the shaping and finishing is what matters.¬† The hat was too big and I wasn’t sure I would be happy with the final result / the fit.¬†¬†¬† I decided to go ahead and block/ finish.¬† I had felted bags in the past and knew I could refelt it if needed; better to err on the large size.¬† Once it dried, it looked OK.¬†

Needle and Wet Felted Hat from Living Felt Needle Felting a Hat Kit

I then really ruminated about how to finish the hat.  I found an elastic trim and flower in my local yarn shop that I liked and the rest fell into place.  Not only did it fit perfectly, but it looked great and am really pleased with it. 

I started another hat using some gray-black-silk marbled roving in my stash and am planning another in using some green roving. 
Well, you have a fan! 

Thanks so much!
Miriam R – Beachwood, Ohio