Felted Fashionable Accessory

Felted Fashion Scarf by Kathleen Simon featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

“Am invited to show my wall hangings at a gallery in Winston so had to make something to wear to “stand out” as a felter. Kinda like all those gorgeous designs you see on Pinterest with descriptions you can’t read cause who knows what language it is. Anyway this was my attempt at “fashion”. Thank you Marie for all your Wooly Wednesday “tips””

– Kathleen Simon, North Carolina

Gorgeous Wet Felted Cobweb Scarf

Wet Felted Cobweb Scarf by Teresa Campbell featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog. She used the Wet Felting a Cobweb Scarf kit.

Teresa made this scarf from our beginner friendly Wet Felting a Cobweb Scarf kit.

Choose your colors, get your basic wet felting supplies together and have fun creating a wearable work of art!

Looking at this gorgeous scarf, you would never know it was her first time doing this!

artist: Teresa Campbell, Alabama

felted wool scarf wins free felting supplies

Felted Scarf Wins a Felting Supplies Goody Box!

felted wool scarf wins free felting supplies

Kathleen McCartin of Minnesota Wins
a Felting Goody Box from LivingFelt.com!

Kathleen sent us a number of pictures of her felted jewelry, and a vessel,
this lovely felted scarf was selected in our drawing.
We love the rich colors and the texture created by pleating with the felted balls!

Thanks to everyone for making it so fun & friendly by sharing your pics, love & feedback!!

Elegant felted flower necklace

wet felted vessel

Gorgeous wet felted vessel.

  The designs on the vessel were created with wool yarn, silk hankies and  pieces of scrap china silk.  The dramatic red and beige, brown and cream are yarn, the other marbled reds are silk hankies and the mottled beige gold is scrap silk.  The fibers used for the base were a combination of romney wool and colonial top.

A Lovely Variety of Felted Scarves

 Fatima Kaser felts wonderful wool scarves in a variety of styles.
She first learned to felt in Amsterdam, and now that she is back in the states, she has resumed her felting.

 We love the bright and bold colors of this scarf that seem very appropriate
for Fatima’s lovely young model and daughter.

Fatima uses primarily Merino Top and Mohair Locks for her scarves;
some are pure wool and others are nuno felted over a silk base.

A very elegant wrap for an elegant lady.

Fatima is currently averaging almost a scarf a day, making them
mostly for friends and family in their choice of colors.

Lucky them!