Fantasy Dragons and Realistic Deer: Upcoming Felting Workshops

We are very excited to bring you two new felting workshops in 2018.

Enrollment is now open…with 3 ways to pay: Pay in full, 50% Deposit and our new Lay-a-Way Program!

Reserve your spot today!

Needle Felted Fantasy Dragon Workshop with Joyce Hazlerig featured on

Needle Felting Workshop: Felting Fantasy Dragons with Joyce Hazlerig

Sep 13-14 Thur/Fri

Learn how to needle felt a fantasy dragon with Joyce Hazlerig

All supplies included!!

Come spend 2-days learning from the very creative Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsyharte Arts!

Your dragon can be any color or colors you like! In her recent workshop here in Texas, we saw beautiful blue and purple and lime green dragons too!!

*layaway breaks the cost into 5 easy payments.

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Needle Felted Realistic Deer Workshop with Kiyoshi Mino featured on

Needle Felting Workshop: Felting a Realistic Red Deer with Kiyoshi Mino

Oct 18, 19, 20 Thur/Fri/Sat

All supplies included!!

Learn how to needle felt this realistic Red Deer with his gorgeous fur and stately antlers.

Come spend 3-days learning from the very talented Kiyoshi Mino and learn how to blend and apply fur, and how to create a great armature for your realistic needle felted deer.

Kiyoshi is fast becoming internationally renowned for his realistic felted sculptures! Take advantage of this chance to learn from him directly.

*layaway breaks the cost into 5 easy payments.

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Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Hoary Redpoll, Chickadee, Cedar Waxwing, and Emu Chick

Felted Hoary Redpoll Bird by Jen Cookson featured on

Hoary Redpoll, Jen Cookson

“I first spotted this bird in another regions of BC while out walking on a cold winter’s day after a sad event, and he cheered me up just looking at him. One day, I saw fattest Hoary Redpoll I’d ever seen; he defied gravity! I laughed so hard I decided to make one. I learned they are an Arctic bird that always travels to BC from Greenland.

Making birds has healed my heart and every time I make one I dive in and learn as much as I can about that particular type. It’s a joyful practice!”

Jen Cookson, Canada


Little Chickadee, Debbie Penley

“This little chickadee was a prototype for a project with my local Audubon Society. I chose the chickadee because it is a fairly recognizable bird, and it is well liked. :)”

Debbie Penley, Pennsylvania

Felted Cedar Waxwing Bird by Karen Englebretson featured on

Cedar Waxwing, Karen Englebretson

“A few years ago we planted serviceberry trees, Amelancier, to attract more birds to our yard. Summer 2017 was the first year we had abundant fruit and a flock of cedar waxwings took notice.

For a few days they circled our property and dropped into the trees every few hours to feed. I put a chair in the driveway and spent an afternoon studying and photographing them, then felted a number of waxwing ornaments, and even a pair of life size birds. “

Karen Englebretson, Minnesota
etsy: KJE Felties

Felted Emu Chick Bird by Tammy Saulnier featured on

Emu Chick, Tammy Saulnier

“This sculpture has a wire armature and is poseable. He also has pre-made eyes, and polymer clay beak and claws.

I couldn’t help it, I saw an emu chick and had to make it. For me it is like the ugly duckling story just in”

Tammy Saulnier, Canada
Dragon Song Studio

Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Felted “Terror Bird”

Felted Terror Bird by Rachel Carter featured on

“‘Terror Bird’ is the colloquialism for a group of extinct, large, carnivorous, flightless birds that were the apex of predators in South America until about 2 million years ago.

Ever since learning about them as a child, I have had a great fascination for these creatures. On a whim I decided to make this one, and had fun taking the creative liberty with the coloration and feathers. My sculpture gleefully came to be with a big personality to match his fearsome reputation.”

Rachel Carter, Oregon

New Goodies: Dreamy Short Fiber Merino Batts

Short Fiber Merino Batts featured on

Some of our friends have been requesting we carry these for a while…and here they are! These very fine Merino batts are approximately 19 microns and wet felt very quickly to a tight finish. *available in 4oz increments

Short Fiber Merino Batts featured on

We find them especially suitable for beads, jewelry, sculptural elements, vessels and even hats. If they are to be used on items that will be handled a great deal, we suggest it be something you can hard felt, otherwise softly felted items from these short fibers would have a higher tendency to pill.

Shop the Short Fiber Merino Batts here.

Adorable Felted Polar Bear Sculpture

Felted Polar Bear Sculpture by Sheryl Smith featured on

This little sculpture just makes us smile from the inside out ๐Ÿ™‚

“Here’s my newest felted creation, a little polar bear getting ready to put up his Christmas lights. He is made from Living Felt batt “Brightest White“. His scarf is cut from an old sock. He bought his miniature lights at a craft store! Now if he can get them untangled…….”

Sheryl Smith, California

Felted St. Nick Sculpture

Felted Santa Claus by Caprice Willert featured on

This St. Nick is sure to be a family heirloom to be treasured.

“I love old St. Nicks. He is my first large sculpture. I used [19] Micron Red prefelt for his coat. Also Corriedale wool in red. MC-1 Merino cross batt in pale peach for his face and hands. White locks for his hair, beard and trim.”

Happy Holidays,
Caprice Willert, California

Needle Felting Felines Workshop

Felting Felines Workshop featured on

Needle Felting Workshop: Felting Felines

Learn how to needle felt 3D Animals – Domestic, Wild and Big Cats!

Call us with questions 1- 877-665-5790

Date: APR 12TH-14TH, 2018
Time: THUR, FRI, SAT 9am – 4pm

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Location: LIVING FELT 14121 W. Hwy 290, Bldg 2A Austin, TX 78737

Materials Fee: $0
Includes all supplies for this class plus use of shop needles, foam and tools.
Students may purchase additional fibers, and supplies from the shop if desired.

Needle Felting Realistic Cats, Lions, Tigers, etc! Needle felt a domestic cat, wild cat or other big cat.
Award winning artist Megan Nedds joins us from Ohio to share her techniques for needle felting incredibly realistic needle felted animals.
Megan has made hundreds of realistic needle felted animals and will share all she can fit into these 3-days to help you sculpt an amazing work of art.

During this 3-day class, we will be exploring feline characteristics while everyone makes their choice of cat.
Cats can be challenging to sculpt because they are uniquely shaped, but this class will help you achieve that signature feline contour.
We will also focus on cat faces and fine tune details such as coat and paws.

Megan says, “I love working with Living Felt’s MC-1 fast felting batts because they are the perfect consistency for felting. They are so soft and the colors are perfect. When I use them, I know my sculptures will turn out great!”