Fantastic Felted Vessel

Felted Vessel by Camelia Wogu featured on

What a fantastic use of color and texture! This vessel is truly a work of art! You can see her use of luxury fibers including Tussah Silk, Cocoons and Silk Hankies.

“I was off from work for a total of 5 days. So of course I felted every breathing moment. Experimenting and just having creative fun”

– Camelia Wogu, California

Felted Vessels by Lisa VanderYacht from Living Felt Free Tutorial

Awesome Wet Felted Vessels!

Felted Vessels by Lisa VanderYacht from Living Felt Free Tutorial

Check out these awesome felted vessels by Lisa VanderYacht in Washington!
She wrote, “After doing your felt along tutorial, I really got into felted vessels. Thank you.”

Lisa used Living Felt MC-1 Felting batts and followed along our tutorial for wet felting over a resist. It is a great primer for wet felting other items with batting such as slippers or a purse or a cat cave!

Wet Felting Tutorial: Felting Over a Resist on

Check out this and other free felting tutorials on video and in PDF format.

wet felted cat cave tutorial or kit

You can get this tutorial for wet felting a cat cave, or even get
the complete kit.

Patty-Lovegreen Felted Pots for Air Plants on

Felted Pots for Air Plants…Brilliant Idea, Color & Design!

Patty Lovegreen Felted Air Plant Pots on Lovegreen of Minnesota felted these brilliant and beautiful little “pots” for her succulents. She says she has had hers for over a year and it is doing great!

“I was given a gift of an air plant and thought what a perfect match. Low maintenance plant with water wicking wool. Soak bowl and plant root once a week or mist/spray plant often.”

wet felted vessel with needle felted accents

Striking Wet Felted Vessel for Fall Decor

Lovely fall decor for a your table or mantel — felted to perfection by Lynette Spaulding. Lynette is relatively new to felting, her first introduction to the craft was just 2 1/2 years ago; but her attention to detail in everything she does has helped her learn and progress very quickly for beautiful results!

wet felted vessel with needle felted accents

This striking felted vessel was made with Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts. The first layer was watermelon, the middle layer was bamboo and Chocolate Brown was the outer layer. Cinnamon brown was added on the outer later in some areas showing a brown-orange blend. It was wet felted over a resist. After it was at the soft felt stage and removed from the template, small cuts were made with a razor blade to expose the green layer, adding contrast, dimension and texture. Once the piece was dried and shaped, needle felted accents were added. This gorgeous piece of fiber art was crafted with love for a charity auction.