Magical Millinery: Felting Fantasy Hats Workshop

Magical Millinery Workshop featured at

Magical Millinery – Felting Fantasy Hats
3-days with Kate Koprowski of HandiCraftKate

Call us with questions 1- 877-665-5790

Date: Feb 15-17, 2018
Time: 9am- 4pm Thursday- Saturday
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Location: LIVING FELT 14121 W. Hwy 290, Bldg 2A Austin, TX 78737

Workshop Description:
This February spend three days on-location in beautiful Austin Texas delving into a felting workshop that will introduce you to the art of millenary.

The focus of this workshop will be the construction of three different types of fantasy hats through the use of resist felting.

Each of the three hats that students construct will require a specifically shaped resist to create a seamless and hollow 2-D hat “blank”. In order to transform the 2-D hat blank into a 3-D wearable fantasy hat sculpture the students will learn several different blocking techniques and approaches. This workshop will give students the basic felting techniques at the core of every 3-D project by covering: resist making, measuring, shaping, thinking in 2-D forms to create 3-D shapes, shaping and finishing. This is an intermediate level class-for those with some feltmaking experience. If you are a beginning feltmaker you may find this class challenging but not overwhelmingly so.”

Possible Project One “Pixie Hood”
Possible Project Two “Fantasy Fedora”
Possible Project Three “Witch Hat”

More info or Register Here

A Beginner’s Impressive Wet Felted Vessel

Wet Felted Pod by Trina Fincher featured on

We love this vessel! Trina used her own fiber and followed our free tutorial for wet felting over a resist.

“Thanks for adding me to your group! Here is my first attempt at a wet – felted pod. Thanks to you’re awesome instructional video!”

– Trina Fincher, Ohio

Stylish Wet Felted Cowl

Wet Felted Cowl by Erin Butler featured on

Erin Butler Models her stylish wet felted cowl made with our fine Merino Tops in Charcoal and Dijon, with accents of wool nepps and silk blends or silk hankies to get the vein-like textures on top. They are also fabulously reversible!

 Wet Felted Cowl by Erin Butler featured on

Erin says they will make great gifts while also serving as explorations in design. Each weighs approximately 2oz, starting size is approximately 17.5″ x 15.5″ and they are wet felted over a resist. Erin shares that the resist is shaped to help hold the fibers in place and prevent the from slipping off

Wet Felted Cowl by Erin Butler featured on

What an inspiring project and our gratitude to Erin for sharing her technique! Remember to test/measure for shrinkage 🙂

Awesome Wet Felted Bird Pod

Wet Felted Bird Pod by Laura Ebert featured on

Laura has been taking advantage of our free tutorials on PDF and video…and check out this awesome creation!!

“I took advantage of a rainy Saturday and created my first bird pod. I used Living Felt’s chocolate brown batt for the base and green batt for the leaves. It made a nice strong base that should hold up nicely outside.

I used the skills I learned from watching your wet felted vessel using a resist tutorial. :)”

– Laura Ebert, Illinois

Felting Tutorial: Wet Felting a Vessel Over a Resist

In this free video tutorial, Marie shows her methods for wet felting over a resist … step by step.
This two part video will serve as a great primer or starter project for wet felting a vessel,
a pair of slippers, a hat, or even a cat cave!

Start small and learn with simple projects :O)
For this little project we used Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts, Resist Material,  Olive Oil Soap,
Bamboo Mat, Felting Mesh, and a Rigid Mat.

You can all the tools in one package! See our Wet Felting Tools Bundle

Felted Wrist Warmers – A Fun Felting Project!

A pair of soft and cozy felted wrist warmers are a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love! These were made with merino wool top and merino-silk blend, they are 100% wool and not nuno felted.

I wanted to make them very long so they would reach the bend in my arm…they are a perfect fit! Wet felting over a resist is fun. I started by making myself a pair out of polar fleece so I would know how wide and how long to make them. Then I used one long template of resist material (like I do when felting a pair of boots) and cut the fiber at the knuckle area.


The base layer is Merino Top in Lilac, with Super Fine Merino Top in Orchid and Merino-Silk Blend Black Currant as a contrasting accent. If you would like us to make a tutorial, video or even a kit…let us hear from you via comment on the blog or via email !


Wet Felted Tree Vase

Wet Felted Vase in a Tree Theme by Sammie Choy and featured on

Sammie Choy of Hawaii has only been felting 4-months and created THIS magnificent and innovative work of fiber art.

Sammie shares, “This was felted around a resist, then shaped on a glass vase found in a second-hand store. The heavy base and ridges running up the neck of the vase made me think of a tree, so I tried it. The resist was a little taller than I might otherwise have used, because I knew I would want the extra height to cut the branches. Felted with merino wool. It was purchased as a gift for a woman who works in forestry and conservation.”

The vase is still inside the felted piece and the idea is for fresh cut flowers to emerge from between the branches…brilliant!