A Gorgeous Needle Felted Hat !

Needle Felted Hat

Needle Felted Hat

Jean Melton from Hillsborough, NC bought a needle felting hat form from our site and this is a picture of her very first hat! We offer just the hat form or a complete needle felting hat kit — you can make it a custom kit by choosing the colors you want! 🙂
Isn’t it gorgeous?!

This is really a fun process where you use the form as a “resist” and needle felt over the shape. For best results we recommend wet felting the finished product so the design stays in place and is firmly felted. We have used this same form to make bucket style purses and even vessels.


Make sure to get a felting needle tool to help with the work! We offer a wooden 4-needle felting tool, or a metal 4-needle felting tool and even a 6-needle felting tool. Any of these will help expedite the process and make it even more enjoyable!