Watch Our Wet Felting Flowers Tutorial

Wet Felted Flowers on a Hat by Ruth Dykstra featured on

Ruth Wins a Felting Goody Box!!!

Ruth posted this wonderful hat adorned with the flowers she felted during our live felt-a-long last Wednesday. Aren’t they fabulous?!

– Ruth Dykstra, Illinois

Wet Felted Flowers Tutorial for Wooly Wednesday featured on

Wet Felting Flowers!
felt a long with us!

Last Wednesday we had a lot of fun wet felting flowers during our fb LIVE broadcast! Already a few of our friends are sharing the flowers they felted along with us!

Even more are showing up as people watch the replay. You can too, right here on youtube.

Next Wooly Wednesday:
May 2 @ 2pm Central Time

Felting Simple Cards & Pictures with MC-1 Batting

  • blend colors for lovely transitions
  • needle felt or wet felt
  • add embellishments & details

Catch it live on Living Felt Friends

FREE Felt-A-Long for Wet Felted Pumpkin

FREE FELT-A-LONG FOR Wet Felted Pumpkin featured on

Wet Felting a Simple Fairy Tale Pumpkin
BFF Free Felt-a-Long
Watch on Facebook
Watch on YouTube

This class is designed for beginners who have already wet felted a flat piece of felt, we will be wet felting with Merino Top over a Resist.

You can also see the video for our previous felt-a-long: Intro to Wet Felting in our fb group

See some inspiring creations from some of our felt-along participants. (It’s not too late to make a pumpkin of your own!)

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Anne Franklin featured on

Created by Anne Franklin

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Becky Ollinger featured on

Created by Becky Ollinger

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Maria Cohen featured on

Created by Maria Cohen

Free Wet Felting Fairytale Pumpkin Tutorial

Free Wet Felting Fairytale Pumpkin Tutorial featured on

This fun tutorial was made available late morning just last Saturday, and the pumpkins have been rolling in ever since!

Tag us #livingfelt and #mariespaulding on facebook and instagram so we can see, celebrate and share yours!

You can download the free digital version of the tutorial, or purchase the printed version that’s a full color print in high resolution on nice paper:

Get the Free Wet Felting Fairytale Pumpkins Tutorial here.

Buy the Print Version of the Wet Felting Fairytale Pumpkins Tutorial here.

Here are a few Fairytale Pumpkins to inspire you!

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Abbie Oscarson featured on

Created by Abbie Oscarson

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Christine Kancler featured on

Created by Christine Kancler

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Erin Butler featured on

Created by Erin Butler

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Judy Stodola featured on

Created by Judy Stodola

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Laura Burke featured on

Created by Laura Burke

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Joyce Hazlerig featured on

Created by Joyce Hazlerig

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Lee Charlton featured on

Created by Lee Charlton

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Sharon DiNear featured on

Created by Sharon DiNear

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Ute Vasina featured on

Created by Ute Vasina

A Felty-Full Week of Workshops!

It has been a felty-full week at LF!

Needle Felted Simple Animals Workshop at Living Felt featured on

Last Saturday, we had full workshop for needle felting simple animals. We had 11 bunnies and a fox … missed a few pics, but here is a glimpse at our fun bunch of humans and furry felties!

Needle Felted Gnomes Workshop at Living Felt featured on

On Friday, we had a fabulous time Needle Felting Gnomes! What a great job these gals did!!

Needle Felted Gnomes Workshop at Living Felt featured on


Wooly Wednesday Broadcast at Living Felt featured on

We had so much FUN visiting with you all! If you missed it…you can still see it in our fb group…AND You can pause it and comment. Your comments will be in line with other comments that came in at the same time!

We answered questions, and gave demonstrations, we gave away fun prizes and did show-n-tells of things made by our community members…it was a blast.

Our plan was to do this once a month…but after this week, we are going to “shoot for” 2x a month. 🙂

Next Wooly Wed. is scheduled for WED, FEB 1st at 2pm CST
Broadcast is in our fb group: LIVING FELT FRIENDS

Register Now for Our Felted Doll Retreat


Felted Doll Workshop featured on

Early Bird Registration for this FUN WORKSHOP is Officially Open!

Felting RETREAT – Needle Felting Fantastical Art Dolls
Thurs Mar 23th 10:00am – Sun Mar 26th 10:00am

Marie Spaulding has been needle felting dolls since she first learned to felt. Learn her techniques for making exhibit quality dolls and fantasy characters including pointy noses, ears and lively eyes and hands. Explore wet felting and nuno felting for interesting costumes.

*Students will be free to put their emphasis where desired. If you want to make three heads instead of a full doll, we can support that. If you prefer to spend time on costuming over articulated fingers, you will be supported and coached towards seeing your goals met.
If you want to make a Santa, you can do that! This will be a great opportunity to follow your inspiration. If you prefer to attempt a more abstract doll using found objects, that will be supported also.

Felted Doll featured on

Early Bird Registration JAN 1 thru JAN 31

Register or Learn More

*Registration now open to participants wishing to stay offsite.
If you are flying in, call us for assistance with transfers – we can carpool to the B&B so you will not need a rental car.

We hope you can join us this year to learn new things and make new friends!

For Quick & Easy Reference All Year Long, See Our Classes & Events Calendar and our Learn section full of tutorials.