Fabulous Felted Horse

Felted Horse Painting by Heather Yerkey featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog.

This pieces is just fabulous! We love the use of color in the shading.

“This is a commission I recently completed. It was a challenge. The client wanted a white horse with a sky and cloud background. The difficulty came in while trying to make sure it was obvious the horse was white while not blending into the clouds! Also it’s not a huge piece so those tiny details and curves , especially of the legs were really hard to get!!”

– Heather Yerkey, Wisconsin

Wet Felted Beach Sunset Bear

Amazing Wet Felted "Wool Paintings" by Pam Bealer

Wet Felted Horse

 These breathtaking self proclaimed “wool paintings” were wet felted by Pam Bealer of Alaska! This is her precious (late) best friend Gwynlan.

Wet Felted Beach Sunset Bear

 Pam started off weaving and knitting, which lead to a love of all fiber arts, especially felting! This sunset bear she wet felted is something she says she sees a lot in Alaska. Beautiful detail!

Needle Felted Satyr Named Buck with Earth

 This satyr, named Buck, she needle felted to bring in the spring season! He is holding a tiny little earth because, “felting makes the world go ’round!”

It sure does Pam!