Colorful Felted Spring Hen

Felted Hen by Carol Krajnik featured on

This little hen really brightened our day!

“Finished a spring piece this time! I am calling her Spring Hen-na. It was fun playing with all the Living Felt [mc-1] springtime colors.

…I am usually more inclined to use my Earth tones and such, so this was a fun project with lots of color for me. And it’s snowing here again in N Michigan so it made for a bright splash of color to contrast the blur of white outside.”

– Carol Krajnik, Michigan

Cute and Colorful Felted Bunny

Colorful Felted Bunny by JoAnn Stratakos featured on

JoAnn recently got the Color Me Happy Bundle, good thing too because she is working on a commission for like a jillion bunnies! She keeps posting them in new colors πŸ™‚

Orange cream MC1 makes the cutest bunny!!!! Hats off to Living Felt for such a quality product in so many luscious colors!!!”

JoAnn Stratakos, Pennsylvania

Beautiful Felted Valentine Doll

Felted Valentine Doll by Jaylyn Morehouse featured on

Jaylyn Wins a Felting Goody Box!

Materials used: Living Felt MC-1 ‘Vintage Red’, Merino ‘Begonia’, MC-1 Cross color for hair, dyed locks for the Edwardian style dress I was aiming for, and an old paper flower crown that I used to wear until it broke. Posing on antique doilies that a relative tatted several generations ago

– Jaylyn Morehouse, Texas
fb: Beneath the Greenwood

Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Red Crested Cardinal

Red Crested Cardinal by Diana Matusik Densmore featured on

Red Crested Cardinal, Diana Matusik Densmore

“In 2012, my mom and stepfather married in Hawaii … there was one moment where we were sitting outside at a restaurant, and one of these little goofballs bounced up to us, cocked its head, and just gave us the most endearing little look. We had a good laugh from that character, considering we were also watching roosters chase each other up and down the adjacent golf course. Little dinosaurs, they are … It’s a sort of ‘stylized realism,’ a combo of realistic design and cartoon-ish simplicity”

wire armature, core wool, MC-1 Batting, NZ Corriedale in crest

Diana Matusik Densmore, Florida
facebook: framedandfelted

Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Eastern Screech Owl

Felted Eastern Screech Owl by Sonja Oswalt featured on

Eastern Screech Owl, red morph, Sonja Oswalt

“One of my favorite things as a graduate student in Wildlife and Fisheries science was to go spotlighting owls at night. I got to see many of these little guys, and learned to hear and mimic their song. I don’t get in the field much now, but I love these adorable native birds.”

Felted Eastern Screech Owl by Sonja Oswalt featured on

CW-1 Core wool, MC-1 batt in browns and greys, Living Felt corriedale wool

Sonja Weeks-Oswalt, Tennessee
etsy: ConspiracyofLove