Irresistible Needle Felted Alpaca Picture

Needle Felted Alpaca Picture by Sandi Atkins featured on

This irresistible Alpaca was needle felted by Sandi Atkins in South Carolina. She sent it to us as a surprise gift from the Alpaca fibers she won during one of our recent Wooly Wednesday broadcasts, and MC-1 plus CW-1 Core Wool. We love him!

Sandi Atkins, South Carolina

Realistic Needle Felted Robin Picture

Needle Felted Robin Picture by Sarah Ann Jump featured on

What a realistic little robin!

“Two more wool paintings. A monarch butterfly and a robin. There’s a robin’s nest in the tree right outside my door that I’ve enjoyed watching. I just started needle felting earlier this month but it’s safe to say I love it! … These were made with Living Felt MC-1“.

– Sarah Ann Jump, Indiana

Award-Winning Needle Felted Animal Sculptures

Needle Felted Goat by Cindy Palmatier featured on

It was an award-winning week for our Felting Friends!!

A big congratulations to Cindy Workman Palmatier of High Fiber Felting in Anchorage, Alaska!! She has been felting with us a few years now but has never entered her work in a competition. Her fabulous needle felted goat was just awarded THREE RIBBONS at the Alaska State Fair!! Blue Ribbon – 1st Place, Purple Ribbon – Division Champion, and Orange Ribbon = Superintendent’s Award … WOW!!!

“He is made with Living Felt wool. Thanks for your great product….I am so surprised, I’ve never entered anything in the fair before.”

– Cindy Palmatier, Alaska

Needle Felted Elk Cow and Calf by Julie King featured on

Needle Felted Elk Cow and Calf by Julie King featured on
Congratulations to Julie King whose gorgeous needle felted elk cow and calf took grand champion ribbons for the Division of Felting and the entire Fiber Arts Division!!

Julie King lives and creates her beautiful works among the wildlife where she lives in gorgeous Montana. She says these two were made with Living Felt MC-1 Batts.

Needle Felted Bear by Michele Freeman featured on

Another big shout out of congratulations, this time to Michele Freeman for her award winning bear with needle felted face and paw pads…he is Pirate Bear ;> Argh!! 🙂

“Thanks to Living Felt for all they do! The awesome core wool and merino batt got my bear first place in his category of Pirate Bears in the International Teddy Bear Artist Awards. His face and paws are needle felted. The judge loved the feel of the wool! Thank you so much for great products and help whenever I have called!”

– Michele Freeman, Texas

Fun Needle Felted Character Dolls

Needle Felted Fisherman Doll by Deb Sponagle Taylor on

Deb Sponagle–Taylor in Canada uses Living Felt MC-1 Batts
for her wonderful dolls. She is really great at creating a completeness to her sculptures using props.

Needle Felted Eskimo doll by Ann Louise Brandly on

This beautiful little doll was needle felted by Ann Louise Brandly of Canada

“Here is a photo of a Canadian Inuk (Eskimo) doll, made from your fabulous core wool and colors.”


Needle Felted Harry Potter by Jackie Bartolini Banike on

This needle felted rendition of Harry Potter was created by our friend Jackie Bartolini Banike who says it was one of her most time consuming, difficult and favorites from 2014.

“It is a favorite because I made it for our granddaughter Samm as part of her wedding gift. She and her now husband Gabe are Harry Potter addicts. The wedding was HP themed and honeymoon was at Universal Studios Harry Potter World.

Harry’s scar is throbbing and his tie is blowing in the wind as he plays a Quidditch match. I even put a piece of a real feather in his wand. Core wool is the base of this approx 8 x 10 figure and MC 1 batting in a variety of colors was used for clothing, Hogwarts insignia, robe, etc.

Best wishes for a blessed 2015 and thank you for your wonderful products and inspiration.”

– Jackie, Florida

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on

Graceful Needle Felted Giraffe

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on

Shelly Schwartz of Michigan has always loved giraffes and has sculpted them many times from clay,
but she only recently discovered needle felting on Etsy and started felting animals just a few months ago.

Shelly shares, “This giraffe is the fifth animal I needle felted, from the supplies I purchased from Living Felt. I would like to make a tiger someday, but the spots on the giraffe took so long to do that it may be a while before I get inspired for another spotted or striped animal.”
The giraffe was sculpted over a wire armature with MC-1 Felting Batts in:  Natural Cotton, Winter Grey and Black Onyx. Her spots are NZ Corriedale Toffee and her tail has black Tibetan Lamb’s wool. She is a little over 12 inches tall.

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on

Shelley generously shared some tips on how she used the long fibers of NZ Corriedale to make such tiny spots:

“I pulled off small amounts and rolled them into a ball, tucking in the loose fibers as I rolled them, then tacked them on with either a 38 star [felting] needle and 40 triangle depending on the size of the spots. Then I used the pink pen tool to tighten them down and smooth them better. For the mane, I only cut the fibers after I attached the mane to her neck.”

Lovely example of Needle Felted Animals! Needle Felted Giraffe by Shelly Schwartz Featured on

“I love needle felting and Living Felt has made things so easy to get started and has all of the supplies and colors that I need to bring my critters to life. Thank you for inspiring me every week through your emails.” ~ Shelly

Follow Shelly on etsy:

Needle and Wet Felted Hat

Needle and Wet Felted Hat by Miriam


Needle and Wet Felted Hat

We love this needle and wet felted hat by Miriam Rosenblatt! She made this from the Living Felt Needle Felting a Hat Kit and used the Child Size Hat Form

“I finally finished the hat …  Making the hat was easy, it just took a long while for me to get around to felting it.  Here are some pictures of the blocking in progress and the final result.

(the weather is constantly gray here in the winter, so apologies for the lighting).  The main color is blue violet [Living Felt MC-1 Indigo] and is trimmed in red-violet. [Living Felt MC-1 Red Indigo]” 

Blocking a wet felted hat

Well, I’m past the fear of felting phase.  I would tell people to just do it — the shaping and finishing is what matters.  The hat was too big and I wasn’t sure I would be happy with the final result / the fit.    I decided to go ahead and block/ finish.  I had felted bags in the past and knew I could refelt it if needed; better to err on the large size.  Once it dried, it looked OK. 

Needle and Wet Felted Hat from Living Felt Needle Felting a Hat Kit

I then really ruminated about how to finish the hat.  I found an elastic trim and flower in my local yarn shop that I liked and the rest fell into place.  Not only did it fit perfectly, but it looked great and am really pleased with it. 

I started another hat using some gray-black-silk marbled roving in my stash and am planning another in using some green roving. 
Well, you have a fan! 

Thanks so much!
Miriam R – Beachwood, Ohio