Happy Little Felted Sunflower Fairy

Felted Sunflower Fairy by Carol Krajnick featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

A very happy little fellow, he would brighten anyone’s day!

“I just finished up this Sunflower Fairy. It was difficult to photograph. There is more depth of color than is showing up here. I loved the MC-1 Chestnut for the face, perfect shade of brown!”

– Carol Krajnick, Wisconsin

Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Barn Owl Family

Barn Owl Family by Linda Brodersen featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog.

Barn Owl Family, Linda Brodersen

“This barn owl family was a commissioned project made for a friend. The pictures were captured by a video camera set up in her brother’s barn. The babies were in a separate picture which I incorporated into the parent’s picture. This portrait is the second one I made at the request of my husband. The first one took 40 hours to make, this one took 20.”

Barn Owl Family by Linda Brodersen featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Needle Felted on Linen.
All MC-1 was used from the fabulous Living Felt, Angora blend for babies.
Hand beading was added to the feathers.

Linda Brodersen, Michigan
etsy: IWoolieFeltLikeIt

Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Galah Cockatoo

Felted Galah Cockatoo by Gilda Hoffman Goodwin featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Galah Cockatoo, Gilda Goodwin

“This has been a lot of fun! I have always wanted to felt this variety of cockatoo. I fell in love with the Galah / Rose Breasted Cockatoo the moment I saw newly hatched ones (which looked like large beaked blobs). A breeder of Poultry and friend started to raise them and incubating them with cochins. I watched them grow and develop into the cutest, sweetest and most loving parrots. I’ve been attached to the pink fluffy birds since.

Felted Galah Cockatoo by Gilda Hoffman Goodwin featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Using colors I only had on hand, I made a little girl denoted by the red eye color. Eye is glass and painted with a metallic red. Eye ring was a soft warm grey MC-1 sample [Winter gray] I used triple 14 gauge wire for the armature. Sculpted the beak and nails from polymer clay of white a tad of black and some ecru. sculpted over foil and wire . At the tip I only used transparent clay. A blend of MC-1 Powder Pink and Cx-2 Winter White for her crest. Individual crest feathers are wired with 26 gauge. The pink body is MC-1 Orchid Pink.

Felted Galah Cockatoo by Gilda Hoffman Goodwin featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog.

The grey flight, coverts and tail feathering are a blend ranging from light to dark wet felted using Merino Lily White, Oliphant (my favorite) and Carbon…. I also wired individual feathers for the tail wrapped the wire with Black Onyx. Toes are wrapped with MC-1 Birch and nails are black, white and transparent clay on wire.

Her tongue was a heather pink/purple from LF. All wool was from LF [Living Felt].”

Gilda Hoffman Goodwin, Maryland
etsy: TheWoolenShed

Adorable Felted Baby Bonnet

Felted Baby Bonnet by Sandy McQueen featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog.

“Thank you for taking the time to give me some tips over the phone. Using all of Living Felt’s supplies helped my bonnet making much easier. I used Living Felt resist material, mesh, olive oil soap (which I love), bamboo mat (was larger than the one I had).

The wool I used was MC-1 Merino-cross fast felting batt [Caramel].

Thank you for your wonderful customer service!”
-Sandy McQueen, Indiana

Fun Needle Felted Fall Projects

Felted Pumpkin by Kimberly Czar featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What a perfect Jack-O-Lantern!!

“I have fallen behind on my Fall felting this year, but I finally finished my first Jack-O’Lantern. He’s made from Living Felt’s Merino wool [MC-1]. Pumpkin Spice, Manderine and Black Onyx. The stem is a cutting from a twisty vine. I collect them just for this reason. I tried to step up my technique from last year by doing this in layers to get a more 3 dimensional effect, instead of just applying the face on top of the finished pumpkin.”

– Kimberly Czar, Massachusetts
on etsy: CzarDesign

Needle Felted Pumpkins and Scarecrow by Barb Hoffman featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We love this little scarecrow and his harvest, and we LOVE hearing of friends felting together!! 🙂

“A few months ago, a dear friend introduced me to needle felting and I’ve been felting ever since. I enjoy getting together on a regular basis with my felting friends so we can help each other with our felting techniques, talk about our Living Felt supplies, and even have a “show and tell” where we share our latest felting creations. Since each of my needle felted sculptures is crafted with love, I include a felted heart on the bottom of each one so the person who receives it knows that it comes with heartFELT appreciation.”

Barb Hoffman, North Carolina

Living Felt's new Felting & Fiber Arts Community on Facebook


Living Felt Friends Facebook group projects featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

This is a group for our felting and fiber art friends to post their work and share and support each other freely.

Let It Snow, Felted Snow, Felted Snow!

Caroline Neff, aka Sneffca, needle felted this fabulous and very happy trio of snowman friends.

She used what she calls our “fabulous” black onyx MC1 Wool and bright white MC2 Merino Cross Batt….
With these two colors she says, “I started out on a panda bear kick… and then snowmen…” –
but then, to her daughter’s encouragement…she kept going. You can see what she made here.