Fabulous Needle Felted Fox

Needle Felted Fox by Shelly Schwartz featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What a fabulous little fox!

“I needle felted this fox using wool I purchased from LivingFelt. He is listed for sale on Etsy. I felted him over a wire … using bright white and black onyx Merino-cross fast and toffee Corriedale. I love the wool that you have available and look forward to making many more critters with your products. I have other needles, but mostly I use 38 star and 40 triangle needles. Thank you for always inspiring me with your weekly emails.”

– Shelly Schwartz, Michigan
etsy: rainabedaina

Marvelous Felted Where the Wild Things Are Tribute

Felted Where the Wild Things Are Tribute by Linda Wonser featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog.

RRRaaaaarrrrrr!!!! We love this so much!! 🙂 What a marvelous creation and brilliant, lively detail!

“My tribute to Where the Wild Things Are. I used Living Felt pre-felt batt for the base & added merino cross colors. The figures are core wool covered in merino cross. To give an idea of size, Max is the height of a Coke can. Hope you like it!!!”

– Linda Wonser
8muddyfeet on etsy

A Brilliant Felt Painting: Little Bradley Falls

Little Bradley Falls Felt Painting by Tracey McCracken Palmer featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

By now you have surely seen Tracey’s incredible felt paintings. We always love sharing her new works with you!

Merino top in White, Bitter Chocolate, Black, Kiwi. Tussah silk also in the waterfall. Cross-batt wools in Buttercup, Willow, Black, Dark Chocolate, Bamboo, True Olive, Lemongrass, and Bonsai for the trees and rocks. Corriedale in Natural Light, Medium and Dark also in the rocks… and I’m sure others that I can’t remember!

“Living Felt has a wonderful selection of colors and types of wool for all the different textures I use in my felt paintings, which I wet felt, then needle felt in more details after it’s dry. I use their Merino Cross-batt wools in so many ways – for clouds, trees, leaves, mountains and stones. Their Merino Top and NZ Corriedale is great for skies, water, trees, smooth green fields, and details everywhere, and Tussah Silk makes the best waterfalls – especially when wet felted! All of their different wools also card well to blend colors for shading. Living Felt has everything we felters need, and are so positive and encouraging to us all.

Thanks so much for everything you do, you folks are the best!!”

– Tracey McCracken Palmer
Bonnieblink Studio

Felted Red Hats by Therese Strew

Needle Felted Red Hat

These vibrant red hats are from the series “Red Hats” by Californian Therese Strew! Aren’t they lovely?!


Needle Felted Red Hat

 The hats are needle felted using Living Felt Needle Felting Hat Forms with Brim and needles.

Needle Felted Red Hat


 To recreate this look we suggest Merino Cross Batt in True Red and any accent of your choice!

Thank you Therese Strew for sharing your wonderful creations! We look forward to many more! 🙂



Wet and Needlefelted Wall Hanging Mushroom House

Brenda Milligan's Felted Wall Hangings

Wet and Needle Felted Gnome House

These felted wall hangings by Brenda Milligan are fabulous! The background is wet felted, then she needle felts the picture on to them. The texture in this little gnome home is just exquisite! The colors remind me of Living Felt Merino Cross Scenic Vista pack.

Wet and Needle Felted Vine Wall Hanging


The flowers on this vine were wet felted, then Brenda, who lives in Vermont and has been a long time Living Felt customer, needle felted them to the background. She embroidered the stems and flowers to, “make the path stand out.” Looking at it is such a Blue Delight!


Wet and Needlefelted Wall Hanging Mushroom House


Brenda’s inspiration comes from a love of gnomes and country gardens- you can tell she has a garden of her own based on the lovely detail in this mushroom house! The mushroom, Brenda tells us, is actually knitted first and then she needle felted it to her background. Here she has created a little Fairy Hollow  of her own!

Thank you for sharing your amazing creations with us Brenda! We hope to see more soon! 🙂


Tiny Critters that Will Capture Your Heart

Jessie Dockins has a knack for capturing the animal spirit in her wooly creations.

“…needle felted using Living Felt’s Merino Cross Batt Studio Felting Pack.  I call them a trio of tiny tubby owls.  The owl I’m holding is 1/2 inch tall and the other two are each 1 inch tall.  They have brown glass eyes and I sculpted their little beaks from polymer clay.  I loved using batting from a studio pack because I didn’t need to think about matching colors!  They were a joy to make and each time I look at them, they make me smile.”

Posable needle felted chipmunk

Needle Felting in sizes right down to the teeny tiny, she still brings her pieces to life!  Jessie sent us photos of some of her favorite pieces made with Living Felt wool,
and  we asked her to share with you some tips for working in miniatures. 

Barklee is a needle felted dog, wool over wire armature…he was made in loving memory of boxer that passed away.

As in the Living Felt studio, Jessie uses wooden skewers to make beaks, fingers, and similarly shaped parts, and she says,

“When working on tiny animals, I think it’s even more important than usual to make sure all parts are symmetrical.  I also add less detail than I would to larger critters- too much detail on a small animal looks too busy.  It’s better to start smaller than you want your animal to be and then build it up- it’s a lot easier to add wool than to try to felt something enough to make it smaller.  I use a pair of tweezers to hold eyes and beaks and talons in place while glue is setting.”

Needle Felted Frogs, wool over wire armature. These little  frogs are posable!

Needle Felted Owls

 ” I suppose the best tip I can think of when working on small creations, is to take your time and always know where your fingers are!”

We agree! And we love sharing Jessie’s creations with you…but you can see even more if you visit her Etsy Shop,
she can even needle felt custom creations just for you.

Three Dogs and a Cat on Etsy

These Sweet Treats are Calorie Free and Full of Love

Carolyn Neff created a cupcake bunny made from 100% merino cross batt.  This tiny delight stands 5″ tall and has glass bead eyes. She is wearing a white cotton crochet dress and matching bloomers with light pink trim. A pink bow is woven through her dress and tied in the back. A small pink ribbon headband completes her sweet features. Her clothing is not removable.

Jaci is a little grey mouse standing 4″ tall. She is dressed in her pink cotton crochet one piece PJs with cute little bunny slippers! They are completely needle felted onto her little feet. Jaci is needle felted.  She has black glass bead eyes that are securely sewn to the head. Jaci’s clothing/slippers are NOT removable.  Jaci’s yummy cupcake measures 2.5″ X 2.5″ and is calorie free! This cupcake is stuffed with polyester fiber-fill. It is hand sewn with acrylic printed felt sheets. 100% merino cross is needle felted on top for icing! It’s all hand stitched and adorned with blanket-stitch edging and wool accents! Jaci can be with her sweet treat, or the cupcake can be used as a pin cushion. Quilter’s pins are attached to the cupcake to represent sprinkles.

What perfect little treats from our felting friend, Carolyn Neff, AKA Sneffca.