Who Smells Trouble?

Here’s the latest piece from Sheryl Smith, and she smells trouble!

She says, “A springer spaniel has discovered a nest of baby skunks and is unaware that Mama Skunk is right behind.

 The skunks and the dog are made with black and white Merino Cross Batt, and black and white NZ Corriedale, all from Living Felt.

“Because of the small scale of the dog, the wool ears I felted weren’t long enough to hang down floppy, they stuck out instead of flopped down, so I removed the first ears and I made new ears using actual springer spaniel fur cut from my own dog! ”

“I think your mohair wool would have worked great but I didn’t have any so I made do, and my dog was happy to contribute to the project,” Sheryl tells us.

The hollow log is real. and Sheryl bought it at Petco in the reptile department.

Watch out pet owners! This one could get stinky!

It's the Year of the Dragon!

Nancy Skakel was commissioned to create this dragon as a thank you gift.

Nancy tells us, “The recipients host an annual American Indian flute festival, and are enamored of Oriental art.”

The dragon is about 7″ tall. He is holding a real piece of bamboo. Nancy used Corriedale core wool, merino cross batts, wire armature, silver wire claws, and a bamboo flute.

This is another of Nancy’s recent dragons.

“I used corriedale core over a wire frame and merino tops for color.  He is about 10″ tall.  I made this as a gift for a friend on his retirement from medical practice.”

I had fun making details on the globe – mountain ranges and rivers on each of the continents.

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New Love

Mira Broyles was inspired by her 81 year old Mom and her “new beau”.

“I used grey locks for their hair, core wool for the bodies, merino cross batt for their faces (MC-2 Fleshtone), hands and her legs, and merino top for their clothes.   Her scarf is crocheted and the flowers are silk.”


“Thank you for all your wonderful products, instructions, and inspiration!!”


– Mira Broyles