Brilliant Nuno Felted Mad Hatter Jacket and Hat

Nuno Felt Mad Hatter Jacket by Sonja Weeks-Oswalt featured on

Astounding, Remarkable, Brilliant! Sonja shared in our fb group how she made this INCREDIBLE hat!!! It took a lot of finagling, but she really pulled it off!

“So i made a hatter jacket to go with the hatter hat. Nuno felt and i have a love hate relationship.

I love the potential but never seem to have enough control (or space). This uses silk chiffon dyed with coffee, asparagus merino, merino luxury batt in forest, and the Autumn leaves artist pack. I adapted the pattern from a Russian dress pattern. Please excuse my sad hatter makeup and selfie timer portrait session.”

– Sonja Weeks-Oswalt, Tennessee

Felting Wool Tutorial: Wool Roving, Sliver, Batting & Top

Since we get so many questions about roving vs. top, vs batting, we have put together this little video. We do not go into detail on breeds of sheep, but this brief intro to the difference between wool batting, wool roving, wool sliver and wool top along with suggestions of felting projects you can create with each. We show samples of our merino cross batting, new zealand corriendale, merino top, merino silk blends and more. Also covers which wool you might choose for your wet felting and needle felting projects.